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St Stephen's

Building Each Other Up in Love and Learning

Action Learning

'Action Learning’ is used in the NHS and many other organisations. It recognises that, when faced with difficult problems, a group of peers asking each other open, non-judgmental questions, find workable solutions and peers learn from each other. 

Parenting children with social communication needs can be a challenge for families. Regular, supportive involvement with others facing similar issues helps families feel less isolated and empowered to act on their child’s behalf.

  • Parents develop their own solutions with insights into their parenting challenges.
  • Trained facilitators support the group.

Parent benefits 

  • Increased confidence in dealing with challenges.
  • Working with group members supports individual family problem solving.
  • Sharing knowledge and experience builds a support group.

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There are 12 places for individual parents to participate in one of two ALGS. Each group will be arranged to match families by the age and stage of their child or young person. Both groups will be held at Barnes Children’s Centre, Mortlake.

1.    Allocation of ALG places: Action-attainment will review applications and allocate places aiming to set up two peer groups whose children are at a similar stage of development. Group dates: 12/12/2019 (Introductory workshop), 09/01/2020, 30/01/2020, 27/02/2020, 26/03/2020, 23/04/2020, 28/05/2020.

2.    Costs: There are both free and subsidised places available (£72 course fee, ie. 6 sessions at £12 per session).