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St Stephen's

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Polite request: parking and pee-ing...

We've got a couple of polite requests for parents who might not be familiar with the local parking restrictions...and also those who bring their furry friends to the school gate. 

We've unfortunately already had a complaint from the Grove about cars blocking their garages. The Grove is private property and it is vital that our families do not park their cars in front of the garages. The residents are often blocked in while people drop off and pick up children. This really isn't fair and we'd ask everyone to please be as considerate as possible when parking in the local area. 

With regards to all your lovely dogs...we love to see them and we know the children do too, but please do try to ensure that they do not pee at the school gate. Because of the slope inside the playground, it tends to run down where it pools and collects right where your children are playing. It's not hygienic and creates extra work for staff who have to clean it up.  

Other than that, it's been a pleasure to see you all back this term! If we work together, we look forward to ensuring a harmonious relationship between the school, our parents and our neighbours. 

Thank you for your consideration.