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The latest information from the school relating to COVID 19

The current situation with Coronavirus remains an ever-changing scenario and we continue to receive almost daily updates from the Department for Education and the Local Authority about guidance and procedures for schools.

At this stage, schools remain open.  However, in the event that this may change, we want to ensure that we are prepared so that your children’s learning is disrupted as little as possible. We thought it would be helpful to share our Risk Assessment with you, as it outlines the 4 stages of response and the key actions that have taken place and will take place as the situation escalates.  Please familiarise yourself with these actions, so that you know what to expect and can prepare accordingly. These actions may change in line with Government guidance.


Current Stage - Stage 3 – Mitigate / Delay


  1. There are a number of measures that we are putting in place as we enter Stage 3 – Mitigate / Delay. This includes a daily review of the situation. We are making decisions on whether or not to go ahead with planned trips and events on a case by case basis. We are assessing the risk and, if we feel it can be managed then we will go ahead as normal with extra measures in place. If we feel the risk cannot be managed we will cancel the trip.


  1. Group Gatherings

Class Assemblies for 3H and Carnation are postponed.

Easter Service is cancelled.

Quiz Night is postponed.


1. Trips

Y1 Trip to London Eye  

This trip is under review. We will be communicating with parents about this.

Y2 Trip to Urban Farm and Y6 Magistrates Court

        These trips are currently both going ahead as we are able to put in place extra measures to                mitigate the risk. We will, however, review nearer the time. The steps are:

  1. Hand washing on arrival at the destination and before departure from the destination.
  2. Families are welcome to send children with hand sanitiser or gloves to mitigate the risk when using public transport.
  3. We are travelling off-peak when transport will be less crowded.


2. Families who have travelled abroad

  1. We continue to ask parents, staff and visitors to notify us of any travel outside of the UK. The current guidance makes it clear that there is no need to close the school or send pupils home if a case of Coronavirus is suspected (but not confirmed) amongst pupils or staff (or by a person connected with, or who has been in contact with, a pupil or member of staff).
  2. However, if a case is confirmed amongst pupils or staff (or by a person they are connected with or may have been in contact with), we will report this immediately to the local Public Health England team who will advise the school on what to do next.


3. Contingency Plans

Whilst in Stage 3 of Mitigate/Delay, with the possible eventuality that we move to Stage 4 Containment, the school may have to close. If this does happen, please find an outline of the contingency plan on the following pages. These plans may change on an ongoing basis as we adjust and refine them, so please bear with us. Please also refer to the Risk Assessment and if required, the additional information regarding Google Classroom.

  1. School Closure
  • You will be informed by email and parents reps/telephone tree if the school has to close. You may be asked to collect your child immediately, depending on the advice from the authorities.
  • Any children who remain uncollected will be supervised by school staff until their parents can be contacted by phone and arrangements made for collection.
  • When new information and advice becomes available to us from Public Health, we will update you by email and the parent reps/telephone tree. There will also be bulletins posted on the school website home page and on Twitter.  You can also check whether the school is open by going to
  • The school will remain closed until we are advised otherwise and no parents, children or visitors will be permitted entry during the period of closure. There can be no exceptions.
  1. School Work
  • We understand that just because the school may have to close, many parents and carers will still have to work. We do not want to make the situation difficult for those who will already be struggling with the disruption. However, we are lucky enough to live in a digital age where we have many effective online learning programmes available to us. If the school does close, we are confident that we can ensure effective consolidation of your child’s current learning, without creating too much additional work for parents and carers.
  • We have already prepared school work for 10 days of the initial period of closure. This is tailored to your child’s year group and each child will be expected to complete at least one ‘lesson’ or ‘exercise’ per school day. The majority of this can be completed online, although this will rely on you being able to log in to the online platforms from home. In addition, depending on age group, we will be able to send home various printed packs. Please remember that there will be increased online traffic due to the current situation and if you do have problems logging on, we would expect the printed work to be completed as a minimum. This work does not extend into the Easter Holidays.
  • Please click here to see a letter that outlines how Google Classroom works. Please do read it and familiarise yourself with the programme. It is important that you check NOW that your child’s log in details for the various applications are working, and that you inform us immediately if you are having any problems. We will be unable to reset these if the school has to close.

Please check your child’s log in details for the following:

Google Classroom 

TimesTable Rockstars



Accelerated Reader


Nessy Fingers

(Please note that not all children will have all of the programmes above. They are dependent on age.)


  1. Communication


  1. Next Steps

The landscape is changing at a fast pace, therefore, we would be grateful if you can ensure that the following steps are taken with immediate effect:

  • If your contact details have recently changed and you haven't notified us, please do so as soon as possible.
  • Please can we ask for your support in and around the school community in applying social distancing, where appropriate.
  • We would ask anyone who has travelled from an affected area or is showing symptoms to stay away from the school premises. If you are volunteering in school, please fill in this Declaration .
  • Please check your log-in details for all school e-learning sites that your child uses and inform us if you are having problems accessing any of them.
  • Please ensure you send your child in with a water bottle as we are removing cups from the dining hall.
  • Please ensure that your child takes home bikes, scooters, mobile phones and any other essential item from school when they leave each day, as they may not be able to come and get it if the school has to close.


We will keep you updated as quickly as possible if there is any change in our circumstances, using email, Twitter and the school website. 

Thank you for your patience and co-operation through these very unusual times.