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St Stephen's

Building Each Other Up in Love and Learning

Year 6 - Hooke Court - Day 1

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day.  Well, the rained stayed, but year 6 were still able to take full advantage of their action packed first day!

After a safe coach ride towards the coasts of Dorset, months of anticipation leading up to our journey had finally become reality.  We had arrived!  The children piled off the bus and were sent straight into their first set of activities with their fearless Hooke Court instructors: Captain Alan and Lieutenant Simon. All were in awe as they took advantage of the opportunity to handle replica rifles, grenades, handguns and bayonets.   Do you know why rifles are called rifles? Year 6 do!

Before this though we had to pledge allegiance to the crown and sign on to join the recruits on the front line! There wasn’t a bic biro in sight, an electronic pencil sharpener to be used…pen and ink it was! This alone was difficult enough for some of our new Privates but eventually, all were successfully signed off by the commanding officers and allowed to join in drills! During drill we were able to rehearse our marching, turning, and advancing in time and uniform order with 57 other comrades by our sides. Needless to say, our recruits were second to none and their Captain quoted they were ready for action ahead of tomorrow’s walk to the trenches: our new homes for the next two days! (We’re hoping there are no rats left lurking in the duck boards!)

Sadly, the session had to come to an end and the weapons had to be put down before we could head back to the dorms to unpack.  A bit of free time was a welcome break but the bed making skills left much to be desired…however, there’s one dorm of boys who’ve learnt Miss Mizon’s trick and were experts in no time helping everyone else! Parents...don’t let them tell you they don’t know how to make a bed any more! 

Shortly after, dinner followed – a hearty serving of spaghetti Bolognese with all the added extras! Garlic bread, cheese and salad! Delicious! Not forgetting the apple crumble and custard that warmed our stomachs before heading back out in to the rain for the campfire with Captain Alan! 

All in all, a good sing song, a few stories and some questionable dance moves left us in high spirits and returning to our common room for long awaited warm cups of cocoa and a serving of the humble digestive!  But for now, it’s sleep…we’re off to trenches tomorrow and need all the strength we can muster for our preparations which take place in the morning before the long march begins just after lunchtime refreshments have been enjoyed! ​