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Building Each Other Up in Love and Learning

Year 6 - Hooke Court - Day 3

Greetings from Hooke Court. If the days keep getting better, we are in for a treat after the excitement and learning that went on today.  

They were asked to add a ‘bit of home’ to their rooms and did they ever so well we must say! Teddy bear displays and welcome signs were a common sight yet, what’s more, the six inspectors had handshakes on arrival aplenty, the occasional bow and most unexpectedly, the offer of a games corner to keep ourselves entertained if they ever found themselves bored of looking after their 58 recruits! 

Rooms tidy and bellies full, everyone donned their much needed water proof gear and began the now familiar march to the front line trenches of WWI.  The excitement of what lay ahead was palpable and the nervous energy flowed through our veins with abundance for we knew that today was the day. First, final preparations and then…over the top! 

As we arrived at the front line the groups were split and orders were laid out.  

“Platoon A! I want to see progress in the trench and sand bags filled!” 

“Platoon B! Standing Guard! You ARE NOT to take your eyes off of no man’s land should the enemy approach!”

And the orders didn’t stop there! They came thick and fast and a measly two hours in the soldiers were flagging. Captain Alan was not happy and so all men were hauled onto their feet, out of the trenches and instructed to enjoy a sugary tea and yesterday’s carrot tack and oatmeal biscuits.     

Revived, and once again fuelled by food, it was back to it. There really is no rest for the wicked here! The children followed the orders well but the thought of the real job to come still dominated all of their thoughts and anticipation grew more and more as the minutes ticked on.  Being given the order to go over the top and attack the enemy regardless of the danger that lay ahead must have been a sobering moment for the poor soldiers who fought so bravely in WWI.  It wasn’t any different for our year 6 children, minus the threat of any real danger. What an experience!  The whistle blew and the troops scampered out of their hiding spots, charging fearlessly towards enemy lines.  

Although there were several casualties, they bravely continued on none the less.  Smoke billowed behind them as they proudly fought side by side to protect their brothers and country!

The morning was brought to a meaningful end when we laid our poppies in no mans land and a rendition of ‘Flanders’s fields’ was read aloud by Captain Alan.  

It was hard not to think back on what a brave job the soldiers had done and reflect on how awful life was for these men. We’ve experience only a fraction of their lives but will go on in future to understand what these men gave and strive to ensure this never happens again in our world. We know that we can be the change this world needs to stop this from happening! 


Final attack done, reflections made, we began for what would be the last time our task as Platoon A and B: to return our rifles to the arsenal. Fond farewells and partings were made before we marched back to base and had lunch before a very quick turn around for the afternoon activities.  

6JM were forced to use their problem solving skills to deliver medical supplies to a village across the moat!  But how was that even possible? They weren’t allowed to swim and the supplies were too heavy to throw.  Have a ponder and the children will fill you in when they get home!                             


While 6JM were using their problem solving skills, 6M were learning how to read a map and all about the varied nature around us.

Their skills with a map were put to the test many times while walking through the woods and thanks to some excellent map reading and observational skills we returned to base safe and sound.

Want to know how to use six-figure grid references to find your way? Ask 6M! Want to know how to set a map? Ask 6M!

Fancy understanding how contour lines help us understand what lies ahead and determine the best route to take? Ask 6M! Want to know how to spot the difference between a fox hole and a badger set? You guessed it…ask 6M! 

After everyone was back safe and sound, we made it to dinner just on time ahead of tonight’s much anticipated birthday bash for one of our lovely children! And that’s where our blog ends this evening…with the anticipation of knowing who will be crowned ultimate champion of ‘Linkee’!


Do you know what connects Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend to mint sweets with a hole in them?

We’ll leave you with that and bid you goodnight!​

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