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Juniper Hall - Year 4 2022 - Day 1 Blog

The first day of residential has been a great success! There were no tears as we waved goodbye to the parents and waited excitedly for the coach to arrive. A short 45 minutes later, we arrived at Juniper Hall. 

Sun on our side, we enjoyed a relaxing picnic. After, there was just enough time for a bit of football, rugby and tag before starting our first activity - the compass walk. 

The brilliant staff gave us a quick lesson on how to take a bearing and after a few minutes of turning in circles we managed to identify north. A short time after, we set off on a treasure hunt, compasses in hand. 

We followed our first clue to a flock of chickens. From there, we followed a bearing up a rather steep hill. The climb tested the effectiveness of our PE circuit lessons with one quick witted student renaming the activity the compass hike. 

At the top, we discovered we were in fact standing (or in some cases lying) on top of Box Hill. Of equal interest was the location of a famous football manager’s mansion in the distance. Here, we set about making our own model national parks using sticks, pine cones and anything else nature had to offer. The children’s imaginations really came to life. Some had bridges, others had forests and Miss Mowbray’s whole family featured in pine cone form in one particular model. 

On the walk back, we took some time to stop, close our eyes and listen to the sounds of nature: birds, trees, the wind, people breathing were all listed. 


Day one of Juniper Hall is now drawing to a close (and sleep is hopefully near). Tired children are still fueled by the excitement of the day’s activities (and the prospect of the much talked about dinner). All beds have been made and mini democracies have been established in each room. The more skilled negotiators have exchanged helping with duvet covers for the payment of first morning showers. 

We look forward to all of the exciting activities that tomorrow has to offer. The camp fire is only a short 24 hours away!