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Juniper Hall - Year 4 2022 - Day 2 Blog

Day two began with the children fighting the urge to rise with the sun. After a seemingly uneventful night, the sound of excited children very much awake for the day filled the corridors. 

First on the agenda was making our own lunches. Thankfully, food technology had prepared them well for such a challenge. 60 sandwiches prepped later, we were ready for a full cooked breakfast and our first activity - orienteering and map work. 

The children raced off in teams of three to find their markers. They soon learnt the importance of pacing as red faced children panted their way back to base, waving their stamped orienteering cards in the air. Each child must have achieved their 10,000 steps before their parents were even up for the day. 

Next on the agenda was drawing their own maps for the other teams to use. The children had to hide an item within the grounds and mark the spot with an X on their birds eye view map. Much amusement followed as the other team had to make sense of their detailed drawings at high speed as they whizzed around the grounds (apparently not too tired from the earlier orienteering). 

Lunch, football, rounders and tag followed the orienteering as the sun really came out to add to the fun. After smothering the children in sun cream, it was time to head into the village of Mickleham to compare and contrast it to Twickenham. Maps back out, we headed down the road with pencils in hand ready to spot the local sites. Yr4 were impressed by all the spacious, green surroundings until they realised that there are in fact no shops in the village - not a single one. Although the playground did peak their interest, it seems they are Londoners at heart. 

Time now for showers and a clean set of clothes before dinner and campfire with marshmallows. Sugar before bedtime is never a wise choice but hopefully it will be a fun one! 

Tomorrow is home time but not before learning to survive in the wild!