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Keeping Children Safe In Education - PLEASE READ

We never stop reiterating how important safeguarding is for our children and families. It comes before everything, including their education.

Many of you will recall from the Curriculum Evenings that the teachers talked about a document called Keeping Children Safe in Education . It's a public document issued by the Department for Education and it contains really useful guidance for anyone who is working with - or just spends time around - children. 

Earlier this week - on the request of several parents - our lovely class reps shared a link to where you can find this important guidance on our website. It's always been there, but this is the latest version, hot off the press and updated for 2019. Please either click here or go to our website and find it under About Us / Policies.

We are really fortunate that we have so many parents and carers interested in coming into school to help in class, to support on school trips and to run FOSS activities. But because of this it is really important that they have read Part 1 and Annex A of this guidance - it's about 30 pages in total. Unfortunately, we won't be able to allow parents and carers to take part in these school activities, if they haven't read it. Of course, that would be disastrous, so we really appreciate your time and attention. 

The rest of the document also has lots of relevant information and is particularly useful for anyone who gets involved in sports clubs, scouts, or any other children's activity out of school.

If there is anything from the document that parents' would like to speak to the Leadership team about, we’ll be more than happy to give further explanations - but hopefully everyone will understand the importance of this document.

As Keeping Children Safe in Education stipulates, every member of the school community needs to take responsibility for safeguarding.

We are very grateful that that our school community is so supportive of

our efforts to keep our children safe.