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Please click on the following links for music resources you can use at home:

Music Makers - Lesson 9 

Music Makers - Lesson 10

Recorders - Lesson 9

Recorders - Lesson 10






Some Music Websites for the children to explore at Home. (Some of the sites need adobe flash). Many also seem to work best on a PC rather than ipad.

Suggested Music Websites/Activities to Explore at Home


Age guide

Bring the Noise

This is a great website with lots to explore. Why not

start by exploring 

  • Play it
  • Andy’s Animal Raps
  • Found Sounds with Yolande Brown
  • Sonic Explorers
  • Thunder jam
  • There is a section on musical activities to try at home.


EYFS KS1,lower KS2

Yolande’s Band Jam – on  Iplayer Cbeebies

 Short  15 minute episodes . It has live music and talks about different musical aspects, dynamics/tempo/stop and start etc. Children can join in the dancing from home.


EYFS KS1,lower KS2

Classics for kids


A lovely site which is designed to help children learn about classical music, with  lots of games and activites


KS1 and KS2


Music craft – some fun ideas for making musical instruments





Musical Mysteries . Have fun solving the musical mysteries on this BBC site. You can compose your own music and find out about different sounds, rhythms, moods and musical instruments. ( you will need flash player)


EYFS, KS1 and lower KS2


An interactive game to test how well you can listen to and identify the instruments in the orchestra. Click play to access the free online game.



BBC bitesize   KS2 Music

Short cartoons explanation for topics such as rhythm, duration, tempo melody,pitch, harmony, texture. Each cartoon is followed by an explantion and a short film clip relating it to a piece of music from classical to modern.


Garage band - An app for composing music.

Year 5 and 6 have had a series of lessons in school on how to use it to compose music. You can download it for free . There are lots of you tube tutorials if they need a reminder of how to use it. Only for use on ipads.





Take a tour round the Sanfranciso symphony orchestra , listening to some of the music they play , learning about different instruments and composers as you go. The site is  a little tricky to navigate but once you get the hang of it there is lots to dicover about the composers and their music.


Listen to clips of music from around the world and then use them to create your own composition.


Suitable for


BBC ten pieces live lesson (60 min) focusing on rhythm , melody, dynamics for  composition