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St Stephen's

Building Each Other Up in Love and Learning

Year 5 sample life in Victorian times

Year 5 had a fantastic trip at Gunnersbury Museum this week in which they experienced the rougher side of life for 19th Century working class children. 

The children (and parents and teachers) made a fantastic effort in dressing up for the occasion.  They had the opportunity to experience schooling first-hand, including the high expectations, the differing treatment of boys and girls and the type of punishments received! 

The pupils also had the opportunity to ​apply for permanent positions in the household as maids and footmen, working alongside Victorian servants in the kitchen.

Their many duties included pounding sugar and spices with a pestle and mortar, scrubbing the floors, beating carpets, learning how to serve dinner, and pretending to do the ironing. 

Hopefully, they’ll be able to share these learnt skills with you at home!