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St Stephen's

Building Each Other Up in Love and Learning

A Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes themed assembly

Last week it was one of our Year 5 class' turn to perform their class assembly in front of the whole school.

As I’m sure all Year 5 parents know, the Victorians has been the year’s history topic this term, and the assembly was an opportunity to share the highlights of their learning.

The Victorian era was one of great change and saw the industrial revolution and a number of radical inventions. It was also a period of great social reform. T

he assembly kicked off with some of the pupils pretending they had forgotten to prepare. Luckily for them, they bumped into Dr Who - who ushered the Year 5s into his Tardis to transport them back in time to 1832.

Once they arrived at their destination, the Doctor led them to meet the famous Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr. Watson.

The cast then went on to meet some ‘real Victorians’ including a group of street urchins from the infamous workhouses of the Victorian era, and some famous inventors including Alexander Graham Bell (who of course invented the telephone), Joseph Swan – inventor of the electric light bulb – and Hubert Cecil Booth, inventor of the vacuum cleaner.

The final stop in the class’ adventure was Buckingham Palace where the pupils were privileged enough to meet Queen Victoria!

The assembly was thoroughly enjoyed by all and provided lots of laughs on top of all the interesting facts.