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St Stephen's

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Reception's first school trip

Our Ladybird and Butterfly class enjoyed their first full day school trip since joining St Stephens this week.

Our youngest pupils headed out to Brooklands Museum in Weybridge where they learnt all about different modes of transport.

One of the highlights of the day included sitting inside a real Concorde, where they could imagine they were flying off to somewhere hot and sunny on holiday.

Brooklands also boasts an impressive collection of buses from all through the ages, from the very first horse-drawn version to the more modern buses we know well today, and the children really enjoyed this part of the attraction.

The children also had the opportunity to sit in a racing car, and later watch one of their teachers try out a racing simulator - unfortunately the pupils' legs were a little too short to try it out themselves!

But the fun didn't stop there, Reception took part in an aeroplane modelling workshop - and made their own metal planes. 

The pupils were all very well behaved and made their teachers very proud.