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Building Each Other Up in Love and Learning

Year 4 enjoy Anglo-Saxon journey

Our Year Fours sampled life in the Anglo-Saxon period (410 to 1066) when they visited Richmond Museum for a workshop this week.

The pupils learnt some interesting facts on the trip, including the fact that Richmond was not always called Richmond, but used to be known Sheen, which in Anglo-Saxon times had the meaning 'to shine.'

They were also told all about how the Anglo-Saxons were the world's best at embroidery and were known for making high quality yarn. 

The children enjoyed the opportunity to get involved in some fun activities, including the chance to do some braiding and to write in 'runes' the language used in the Anglo-Saxon period.

"It was so much fun," Isla told us. "We made braids, which everyone found really interesting and we've been continuing to make them during class. We also wrote our names in another language," she added.