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Year 5 book review: Top of the Class!

Year Five are currently reading 'Top of the Class' by Tom Gates. One of our pupils Sasha has written a review.

I am writing a book review of my favourite book. I chose Tom Gates 'Top of the Class' because I love the humour used in the book. The story includes lots of funny experiences. The writer even includes a class show off.

I recommend it because it has lots of relatable experiences and I love the writing style because it looks like a real child wrote it. This is really clever. The illustrator's style also looks like a real pupil's work. 

Tom Gates has a band called 'Dog Zombies'! The book is about Tom trying to be top of the class. It starts off with Tom daydreaming that he was elected as school council leader and Mr Fullerman (his teacher) wakes him up. Tom is then chosen for a catch up class.

Later in the story, the school bully puts graffiti on the teacher's portrait using a thick black marker pen. The evidence is then passed on to Tom. There is a girl called Amy Porter who Tom is always trying to impress. Read this book to find out if Tom does get elected into the school council!