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Catching some Zzzzzzzzzzzs...Year 6 learn how to sleep happy

Across the course of this half term, Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 have had weekly lessons from the wonderful Bronwen Ballard all around understanding and improving our mental health, well-being and ability to practise mindfulness. Each week there has been a different focus tailored appropriately for each of the different age groups: Self-awareness, feelings and gratitude, self compassion, self belief and strengths and finally, positive relationships and random acts of kindness! At the end of each session we've been learning how to take part in mindfulness as an activity which has been a delight in its own right!

But in Year 6 there was one week where we went a little 'off-piste' so to speak and got onto the subject of sleep and how important this is for us to be able to live healthy and happy lives! We discovered the negative impacts the lack of sleep can have on us, so we went about setting ourselves the mission to put into place some tried and tested methods, all backed with scientific evidence, to improve the quality of the sleep we got! Have a look at what some of our Year 6's had to say....

"I now have new methods which help to get to sleep." Barney 

"Using the techniques helped me to calm down and fall asleep quicker!" Jan 

"Choosing what's right calms me and clears my mind!" Georgia 

"These lessons have helped me to empty my head and switch off." Shan 

"It's something that has really helped me to relax across the day!" Ida 

"I've found that it is something that has cleared my mind." Sadie 

We've been so impressed by the way the children have tackled this (and all the successes they've had!) that we want to share it with the rest of the school. Our House Captains will be presenting their findings to the whole of the school in next week's celebration assembly. In doing so they're hoping to spread their messages of success and get everyone on board to have a go at sleeping more soundly and waking with a spring in our step!

Check back next week to see our House Captain's presentation! Until then...what will you do to improve the quality of your sleep? Maybe try one of tips shared by our pupils above!'