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St Stephen's

Building Each Other Up in Love and Learning

Year 3 live in the past...

Year 3 spent the day in a the past today during their visit to Lullingstone Roman Villa. 

Among the most outstanding Roman villa survivals in Britain, Lullingstone is set in the attractive surroundings of the Darent Valley in Kent. Built in about AD 100, and developed to suit the tastes and beliefs of successive wealthy owners, the villa reached its peak of luxury in the mid-4th century.

Year 3 benefited from the fabulous Lullingstone Life workshop, handling artefacts that were over 2000 years old. In addition, the groups sampled some "Roman Food" - consisting of rye bread, dates and smoked meats - all of which were a little fresher than the 2000 year sell by date.

But by far the highlight of the day was Towes - the wonderful guide who kept the whole group laughing as she showed off her own personal collection. 

The children the spectacular mosaics and prints of the rare wall paintings, a heated bath-suite and a ‘house-church’. A specially commissioned light show brings the villa to life, and galleries display Lullingstone’s fascinating collection of Roman artefacts. The children loved trying on the Roman costumes and playing traditional board games from the period.