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All change - a sad farewell to St. Stephen's staff

At this time of year, we are always sorry to say goodbye to members of staff who are moving to pastures new. We would like to thank them all for their dedication and commitment to St Stephen’s during their time with us.

At the end of the year, we will be very sad to say goodbye to Helen Munro, our assistant headteacher.  She has made such a positive impact on our school in so many ways and we know that she will make a similarly impactful difference in her new school. We are hoping that she will stay in touch!

Felicity Salcedo, Year 2 teacher, is leaving due to family commitments. We are hoping she will return to help us on a supply basis whenever she can. Although she has only been with us for a year, she has been a hugely positive member of our team.

Becky Lunn has worked with us for many years, in addition to serving the Governing Body and has always been a truly invaluable asset.  We hope that she will enjoy her free time and hopefully we will see her from time to time as a supply teaching assistant.

Both Sara Colton, who has recently moved away from Twickenham, and Jo Portsmouth, who will also be moving out of London, will be bidding us farewell. They have been a fantastic and incredibly popular members of staff, who we will all miss. 

Mr Sam, who has been developing his drama clubs, will also be leaving to

concentrate on his business. We will still see him as he will still be running drama clubs in our school!

Similarly, Lara Fatha, who has supported Year 6 this year, will be leaving to fully commit to her acting and performing career. She will be much missed and we wish her every success.

Fergus Young, who has worked with us for a year, will now be embarking on his teaching career – we are hoping to see him back as a student teacher and we are sure he will excel in his training and studies!

We would also like to thank Beth Brand, our lunchtime play worker. She has made a significant difference in the playground – transforming the lunchtime break. She has now left to have her baby and we are looking forward to seeing her and her lovely new addition soon!