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Building Each Other Up in Love and Learning

Bike to School Week is coming - 23 to 27 Sept. 2019​​​​​​​

Make memories, enjoy the fresh air and have loads of fun this Bike to School Week. Bike to School Week is a week-long event designed to showcase the benefits of cycling to school across the UK.

Cycling, scooting and walking is a fantastic way to get to school and it keeps you fit and healthy. It also helps to reduce air pollution and congestion around the school gates.

Next week is Bike to School Week so it's a great opportunity to see what an active lifestyle can have on your wellbeing and health. During Bike to School Week we are asking everyone to cycle or scoot to school.

Benefits of cycling, walking or scooting to school

An active school run brings so many benefits. Here are our top six.

  1. Build activity into the family’s daily routine. It’ll help you meet government guidelines which recommend young people aged 5 to 18 get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day.
  2. Boost your mental health and wellbeing. According to the Mental Health Foundation, physical activity increases mental alertness and helps reduce stress and anxiety.
  3. Fewer cars means cleaner air. You experience five times higher pollution levels in a car than on a bike, and three and a half times more than those walking.
  4. Increase road safety awareness early and boost independence. Cycling, walking or scooting to school has long-lasting benefits, developing independent travel and creating good habits for an active adult life.
  5. Save a small fortune. Not only will you be forking out less on petrol, you might also save money on gym fees, leaving you with more cash in your pocket.
  6. Arrive feeling ready to start the day. Teachers find that pupils who walk and cycle arrive at school more relaxed and alert than those who travel by car.

Check your child’s bike in 5 easy steps

So you’re all geared up and ready to cycle the school run. But are your bikes ready to take you there too? Caring for your child’s bicycle will make sure it works better and lasts longer. Carrying out just a few simple checks will help the whole family to enjoy hassle-free riding and avoid repairs along your journey. So get started by following the ABCDE check – it’s just five easy steps to ensure your child’s bike is raring to go. And better still you can get the kids involved too!

  • Air Give both tyres a good squeeze. If they don’t feel firm, give them a quick pump up.
  • Brakes Squeeze the front brake and push forward, and do the same with the back brake whilst pushing backwards. If the wheels rotate, tighten up the brakes.
  • Chain Use your hand to pedal backwards and check that the chain moves smoothly and quietly. Make sure it’s clean and oiled.
  • Drop Lift the bike slightly off the ground, drop it carefully and listen out for any rattling coming from the wheel. If you hear anything, check the spokes are of equal tension and the wheel is secure. Remember to check that any wheel quick releases are in the closed position.
  • Examine Give the handlebars and saddle a once over and make sure they don’t move. Grip them both one at a time, give them a wiggle and check they are firm and stay in place.

If you are planning on cycling during the week, please do complete the Sustrans M Check before the first day of the event. Like any machine, a bicycle will work better and last longer if it’s cared for properly.



For a whole host of advice, tips and hints on how to make your ride or scoot to work safer and more fun, click here to download the free 'Guide to walking, cycling and scooting to school'

You can also take part in the photo competition for a chance to win a brand new bike from Frog Bikes. All you need to do is:

  • Follow @Sustrans on Facebook or Twitter 
  • Share photos of your family cycling to school during
    Bike to School Week
  • Use #SustransWin.

Click here for more info. Competition closes at 9 am on Monday 30 September 2019.