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St Stephen's

Building Each Other Up in Love and Learning

Yasmeena and Shona - already changing their world

The fight against climate change is a very real and very serious threat to our children. Which is why two of our Year 5 pupils aren’t waiting to make a difference.  

Shona and Yasmeena in Year 5 have been taking direct action to do what they can, to raise awareness of this important issue.

They have designed, printed and distributed flyers to the local St. Margaret's residents - pounding the pavement to ensure that they get their voice heard. You may have been handed one yourself!

Yasmeena said, "We want to inspire the world to do something. We want to do our on little bit because it starts one person at a time and then you can make a difference."

Shona added, "We started making the posters and then we both went out to hand them out. It's because my Mum and Dad said - and Mrs Bachour says it at school all the time too - we really can really change the world if we actually try."

Well done girls - we are very proud of you. Not only are you leading the charge, you are setting a positive example to the rest of the school. We will support you in any way we can.