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St Stephen's

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Our accident reporting is evolving....

From next week, we will start using a digital accident book to record bumps, grazes and knocks... We already log every single injury - from a bumped nose to stubbed toes - but this new system means that if your child has seen a First Aider for a bumped head, instead of a paper slip in their bag, you will receive an email which outlines exactly what has happened and where.

The email is just a notification - we would always call you if anything serious had happened - and you do not need to take any action when you receive it.  The email will simply outline what has happened and what the First Aider has done to deal with the incident. If there's anything else you need to know or do, we will call to speak to you and take you through the finer details.

Medication - If your child needs medication during the course of the school day, you will also get an email when this has been given. This means you can rest assured that antibiotics and painkillers have been administered, as and when they are needed.

Wristbands - Anyone with a bumped head will still be given a red wristband and anyone given medication will still have the details written on a white wristband. This is to ensure that anyone can see at a glance if a child may need some special attention. 

This new system will allow us to keep a digital log of everyday mishaps and inform you securely and instantly of those that you might need to keep an eye on. It will keep you up to date with your child's medication and it keeps your child's information safe. It will even help us to monitor how, where and why injuries happen, which will help us to plan activities in the safest possible way.   

As with all new systems, there may be a few teething issues at the start and we appreciate your patience. Depending on your feedback, we may need to tweak it slightly, so please do let us know what you think and if you think anything needs changing.