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St Stephen's

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Getting lost in the moment....a new approach to lost property

Our wonderful FOSS parents have embarked upon a mission so impossible, Tom Cruise would have chosen not to accept it. St. Stephen's Lost Property !!!!

Gone are the Bins of Doom and in their place (or at least across the hallway) is a new lost property rail. This houses a bucket for smaller items on the bottom rungs and will be tucked neatly away behind the glass partition in the school foyer area. 

Each week, any names items will be returned to the classrooms but items that don't have names will be hung on this rail, where they are clearly visible. A link will be circulated in the newsletter each week and this will link to the LOST PROPERTY GALLERY on our website, where you can browse from the comfort of your armchairs to see if you can see those items that were unlucky enough not to make it home. 

The link will be updated each week, so please do make sure you look. 

This week's rogues gallery can be found here.....