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St Stephen's

Building Each Other Up in Love and Learning


From Easter, St. Stephen's will have an exciting new menu courtesy of our new school meals provider, Caterlink - an award winning food service provider catering for primary schools. They have asked us to pass the following message on to our parents and carers:



We are passionate about providing your children with award winning “Food for Life” - freshly prepared school lunches that are true to our fresh food heritage. We track down the best fresh produce and ensure it reaches each school kitchen as quickly as possible. Our chefs use RSPCA Freedom Food free range eggs, Marine Stewardship Council approved sustainable fish and Red Tractor approved fresh meat. The British countryside and its farmers need our support and we are more than happy to give it. At Caterlink we love using fresh ingredients that help pupils learn about the benefits of a healthy diet using home grown produce.

Sugar Reduction

In line with Children’s Food Trust recommendations, Caterlink have reduced the sugar within our primary desserts, ensuring that all contain 6.5g of free sugars or less. We have removed high sugar ingredients and recipes from the menu and instead use fresh and dried fruit to sweeten recipes. Our custard now only contains 1g of sugar per portion and the daily average of free sugars in the this terms desserts is just 4.5g

Food Heroes

We are excited with our seasonal food focus and we plan to introduce a series of new monthly Food Heroes to the children at St Stephen's. We have identified a seasonal food for each month which we will promote through information posters and within the food offer, either through a tasting table, special dish, or home-bake; sharing food facts and samples of different varieties. For example Aprils Food Hero is Rhubarb. Please ask your child what their Food Hero is each month, encourage them to ask the catering team and look out for the posters in the restaurant.

Tasting Tables

Throughout this academic year we will introduce successful tasting tables, building your child’s confidence in the food choices they make, encouraging them to try new things. Typically it can take 10-15 times of trying a food before a child will like it. Please discuss the menu choices with your child at home and remind them they can ask for a little of something new alongside their preferred choice so they can try something without spoiling their lunch. The ongoing development of these interactive sessions at home and at lunchtime with the Caterlink staff creates awareness, develops an inquisitive nature, allowing children to try in a safe environment which in turn hopefully will positively shape their future relationship with food.

Introducing Meat Free Monday                                                                                                                           
As part of our ongoing commitment to provide healthy and nutritious meals at St Stephen's we will be introducing Meat Free Mondays. This initiative allows us to adopt the recommendations as laid out in the government guidelines to “provide one lunch for all children each week which uses pulses or a meat alternative as the protein source.” We trust your children will enjoy the alternatives offered.

Allergies, food intolerance or special requirements

If your child has a food allergy or intolerance, please ask a member of our catering team for information. If you are a parent or guardian and your child has a school lunch and has a food allergy or intolerance you will need to complete a form to ensure we have the necessary information to cater for your child.

Please ask for a form via the school office or click here.

Forms also available through the Caterlink website.