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St Stephens’ pupils set the pace for the Daily Mile

You may have heard your child talking about going for a run as part of their daily routine at school and wondered what it was it’s all about? Well, we’ll tell you!

St Stephens is taking part in ‘The Daily Mile’ which is a government initiative designed to get children up and out of the classroom for 15 minutes every day to run and jog at their own pace.

The idea is to increase fitness levels and promote a healthier lifestyle, boosting pupils’ ability to concentrate in the classroom.

All classes across all year groups at St Stephens are talking part, and each class have an allotted time throughout the day when they fit in this short burst of exercise.

Our reception classes are first to set the pace for this new daily ritual (pictured) and can be seen racing off round the playground straight after assembly.

The Daily Mile is meant to take place during lesson time, so children can have their full break/play time and it’s not meant to be classified as P.E. or sports.

Children are encouraged to be social and have a chat as run so they enjoy the experience together. They run in their uniforms so no kit or changing time is needed.

According to the Daily Mile’s website taking part in a daily 15 minute run can help children eat and sleep better too.

The Daily Mile started life in St Ninian’s Primary School in Stirling in 2012 and has become a leading initiative for improving children’s health and wellbeing in the UK and recognised within the UK Government’s 2018 Childhood Obesity Strategy.

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