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Building Each Other Up in Love and Learning

Book Club

Imbuing a love of reading for life is at the core of our literacy teaching and, as well as work in lessons, we have adopted lots of strategies to encourage our young scholars. One such initiative is our Year Six Book Club. Mirroring an adult book club, the group meets over lunch to discuss a book per half term. Examining themes, characters and literary styles, the young readers have explored some exciting texts this year.   Here are some thoughts on our bookclub by its members:

“It has a lively atmosphere. We have a great discussion about the book and we have learned not to judge others opinions but respect their ideas.” Isabella

“It is so nice to hear other opinions about a book. I usually like to read fantasy books, but being in the bookclub has made me explore other genres.” Phoebe

This club is run by Alison Pigeon and Sherralyn Rainey

Read on for some reviews of this year’s books. Hopefully, they will inspire you to pick up our choices.


Stig of the Dump – review by Isobel

The two main characters in the book are Barney – an average boy and ‘Stig’ – the caveman. Stig lives in the bottom of an abandoned pit where Barney finds him when visiting his Grandma.

Their relationship throughout the book deepens. At the beginning, Barney helps Stig to improve his den. One Autumn morning, Barney walks down to the pit with jam jars and tin cans. Together, they turn them into windows and chimneys, showing their teamwork. This shows their trust and collaboration. Finally, Stig doesn’t speak English, so throughout the book they learn to communicate showing their friendship and cleverness. So, by the end of the book they have built up a strong relationship.

Overall, I rated this book 9/10 and would highly recommend it for all ages. 

Once by Morris Gleitzman - review by Charlotte

Once is an emotional story about a boy called Felix. It is about the treacherous journey Felix goes on to find his parents (who are Jewish). It is set in Poland in World War Two where Felix finds his fate in a carrot - read the book to find out more. Felix is an avid storyteller and befriends Zelda, a six year-old girl who lost her family to a fire caused by the Nazis. She likes listening to his stories. they soon take us on a touching rollercoaster ride. They will try and survive at all means ....

I'd rate it ten out of ten! There are two sequel,s if you like Once. It leaves you on a cliffhanger ...

Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome – review by Joshua

Swallows and Amazons is an adventure book where four children spend their holidays in a camp on a island. It is about their many adventures. I think this book is very creative and imaginative and I highly recommend it for all age groups. I especially think it is suitable for people who like an exciting read. I like this book because it opened my mind to creativity that I would never have thought of and I could barely wait to read the next part of their eventful adventure.

My favourite parts were when there was a storm and it tested how well their camp was set up. I also liked it when one for the characters is alone on the island and imagined herself as Robinson Crusoe stranded on an island full of ravenous beasts.

Overall, I rate this book an eight out of ten. It is an excellent read and will show you a new aspect of your imagination.