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St Stephen's

Building Each Other Up in Love and Learning


Our children achieve high standards in all areas of the curriculum.

We teach the National Curriculum through cross-curricular topics. This means that each term every year group has a focus topic (e.g. Rainforests), to which class and homework are then related.

Our aim is that children learn in a creative and exciting environment.

Below you will find updated curriculum overviews by year group, information on the Primary National Curriculum for KS1 and KS2.

You will also find links to appropriate Knowledge Organisers for each of the year groups. Please click here to find out how to use these useful documents.



CURRICULUM OVERVIEWS                                        KNOWLEDGE ORGANISERS                                                               

Reception - Curriculum Overview Autumn 2019

Knowledge Organiser - All About Me

Knowledge Organiser - Time to Celebrate

Year 1 - Curriculum Overview Autumn 2019

Knowledge Organiser - Senses

Map of St. Margaret's

Our Local Area Word Mat

Communication Timeline 

Significant Individuals - Communication through time

Materials & their properties

Year 2 - Curriculum Overview Autumn 2019

Knowledge Organiser - Year 2

Common Exception Words

Explorers Knowledge Organiser

Materials Knowledge Organiser

Year 3 - Curriculum Overview Autumn 2019

Year 3 Word List Grid

Yr3 Forces and Magnets Knowledge Organiser

Yr3 Knowledge Organiser Addition and Subtraction

Yr3 Maths Knowledge Organiser Multiplication Division

Yr3 Simple Forces Knowledge Organiser

Yr3 Villages Knowledge Organiser

Year 4 - Curriculum Overview Autumn 2019

Year 4 Word List Grid

Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check - Key Facts

Year 4 Knowledge Organiser Autumn Term 2

Year 5 - Curriculum Overview Autumn 2019 

Year 5 Maths Homework Rotation

Year 5 Earth & Space Knowledge Organiser

Year 5 Slums Knowledge Organiser

Year 6 - Curriculum Overview Autumn 2019 

Knowledge Organiser - Science - Mr A, Mr C and Mr D Present...

Knowledge Organiser - History - 20th Century Conflicts - Part 1

Knowledge Organiser - History - 20th Century Conflicts - Part 2

Knowledge Organiser - Electricity

Knowledge Organiser - Local Fieldwork

Knowledge Organiser - Wonder

We have found that this approach allows us to have a truly broad and balanced curriculum, so that all children have a chance to excel and develop talents in many different areas. The children enjoy learning in this way and therefore achieve high standards.

Please also click here to view a video about 2017 SATs created by Michael Tidd. Until recently, Michael was a Deputy Headteacher of a primary school in Nottinghamshire, but has recently been appointed as operational headteacher at Medmerry Primary School in West Sussex. He writes a weekly column for The TES, and is a prolific Tweeter.   


Below you will find information for parents regarding National Curriculum tests at the end of KS1 and KS2 and Primary School Progress Measures.

Please click on the images below for further information about the national curriculum :