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St Stephen's

Building Each Other Up in Love and Learning

Friends of St. Stephen's

The Friends of St. Stephen’s (FOSS) offers a tremendous opportunity to support our very special school. 

Last year, with your help, we raised a phenomenal £39,500 – this allows us to enhance the educational experience of your children. Last year FOSS contributed towards:

  • the Spellodrome subscription (using proceeds from the Bake Off)
  • new library books (from the Christmas Market)
  • an upgrade to the library system
  • the Action info E-safety workshop
  • home and away sports kits
  • musical instruments and resources
  • Each Class teacher also receives a contribution from FOSS for additional resources for their classroom (they each get £100, twice a year).
  • The weekly cake sales have already generated over £1,500 this term so far; this money is used to pay for the upkeep of the planted areas around the school, as well as for new planting.

Your current FOSS committee comprises:

  • Tracey Butcher as Chair
  • Janey Welbourn
  • Vicki Wills 
  • Jess Tozer as Secretary
  • John Soames as Treasurer

We are delighted to be representing FOSS and we’ll do our very best to support fundraising throughout the year and provide lots of opportunities for us to get together and have lots of fun.

Continuing to unlock ‘FOSS power’, goodwill and involvement remains a priority so don’t be shy, please speak to your Class Rep or contact us directly. You don't have to be confident or outgoing - you just need to have a desire to want MORE for your children.  Remember you can have a direct influence on the experience your child has whilst at this school. No matter how much or how little you are able to give:

  • Are you good with social media?
  • Do you have an eye for design and are you able to help us create posters and flyers?  
  • Do you have a favourite event that perhaps you would like to help run? 

If we didn’t have FOSS there would be NO additional funds – which means no new playground or state of the art classroom equipment.   It also means no more Bake Off, Christmas Market, Quiz Night and Summer BBQ to name just a few…

  • THINK BIG: A Suggestion Box is located in Reception where you can leave your ideas and suggestions and questions.  Why not encourage your children to drop a thought in too?
  • CREATE FOSS TOGETHER: By providing you with dates, times and venue of our regular informal meetings anyone can attend. You don't have to say anything - you can just listen!!
  • GET TO KNOW YOUR CLASS REPS: They are invaluable, get to know them and how you can help them, as well as how they can help you, FOSS, the teachers and children in return. 

Thank you for your continued support