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St Stephen's

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Induction Procedure

Welcome to the school Induction Procedure for parent helpers, supply staff and volunteers. 


At St. Stephen’s School the aim of our induction programme is to ensure all parent helpers, supply staff and volunteers understand and share the vision, values and practices of the school. All newly appointed helpers or staff will receive a programme of support and guidance appropriate to their role, ensuring all individuals:

  • Feel welcome and comfortable and integrate successfully into the school
  • Understand the importance of our mission statement and school values
  • Understand our expectations and are supported in meeting those expectations
  • Are able to contribute to improving the overall effectiveness of our school
  • Are able to meet the needs of the whole school community


  • Overall induction is the responsibility of the Senior Leadership team (SLT). Each new helper will be appointed a member of staff / mentor to oversee the induction process.


  • The induction process applies to all newly appointed staff/volunteers and the specific induction programmes are designed to meet the needs of the different roles within the school.
  • Records will be kept by the mentor detailing when the induction has taken place.
  • Regular evaluation of the process will inform the SLT of the need for further support and of any changes required to the induction process/ procedures.

INDUCTION PROCEDURE - to be completed BEFORE commencing work or volunteering at the school

  1. Please click here to access and print out the Induction Checklist.
  2. You are then asked to click each link below, which will open the relevant policy / guidelines.
  3. You can then check each section off the Induction Checklist.

Please click on each link below in turn:



Please download and read – the following safeguarding policies:


  • Health & Safety Policy
  • On arrival, your mentor will take you through the fire procedures, including emergency exits; accident & incident reporting. 

Completing the Process

Thank you for completing this induction programme.  

Once your mentor has taken you through the fire procedures, and incident reporting, please sign and date the Induction Checklist, to show that you have completed the induction programme and hand it into the School Office.