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St Stephen's

Building Each Other Up in Love and Learning


September 14 2018                                                                            LADYBIRD & BUTTERFLY PUPILS SETTLE IN NICELY


This week our new reception children completed their first full week and all the teachers and supporting staff from LadyBird and Butterfly classes reported that our newest recruits settled in beautifully.

Pupils have been busy painting self portraits (pictured left). Can you guess which one is your child?

They’ve also been making the most of the windy weather and have been out flying kites (also pictured below), made in the classroom (with a little help from the teachers!)

And the fun hasn’t stopped there! The children have been really enjoying the outdoor classroom where they have been busy with sand and water play, cooking up a storm in the mud kitchen, painting, mark making and problem solving. They have also been modelling with recycled materials as well as getting used to the classroom routines and doing all-important phonics assessment work. They’ve even joined all the big boys and girls in assembly this week! It’s been brilliant watching them all settle in and grow in confidence more and more as each day goes by.

BACK TO SCHOOL AFTER A FUN-FILLED SUMMER                                                                                        September 7

We are thrilled to welcome back all our lovely pupils and staff after such a glorious summer break. We hope you have enjoyed the sunshine as much as we have! The children have all returned well rested and full of excitement for the year ahead and we are confident that this year is going to be a great one.

Our Reception staff have been out and about visiting our new Reception children this week and we are excited to welcome the new additions when they start next week. Of course, our Reception mascots Billy and Bobby Bear have also returned from their holidays full of anticipation for a new year. They have been accompanying the Reception staff on their visits, getting up to their usual mischief and offering a cuddle or two upon request!


GETTING MUDDY WITH CHRIS COLLINS AND SIR VINCE CABLE                                                                   June 8 2018

Sir Vince Cable and Blue Peter’s Chris Collins joined our Reception Classes this morning to recycle our old sandpit into a beautiful ‘Bug and Bog Garden’.

Many thanks to Octopus Energy for their generous donation.


WELCOMING SPRING WITH A FLUTTER                                                            May 11 2018                                                                                                       

The Miracle of Metamorphosis was evident in full colour in Reception this week, to help the children as part of their understanding the world.

As a colourful follow up to Science Week, we organised for reception to have a butterfly garden. This way they were able to see the life cycle of a butterfly and we're very excited when they turned from caterpillars into pupae and then into our beautiful Painted Lady butterflies!

When they were waiting to turn into butterflies, everyone was most amused by the strange wiggling dance of each chrysalis, which looked like they were shaking their bottoms! Then they watched in awe and wonder as the butterflies emerged before finally releasing them into the wild this week and watching them flutter off into the spring sunshine!



HAPPILY EVER AFTER AT LEGOLAND                                                                                                               April 27 2018

Once upon a time, the Reception classes at St. Stephen’s took a trip around the world, seeing some of the most spectacular palaces on earth – albeit in miniature. Starfish and Turtle ensure that they were on their best behaviour as they made their trip to Legoland, arriving just in time to make the most of the changeable weather. From the Forbidden Palace, to the Sydney Opera House and back to Buckingham Palace, the children enjoyed rides on the magical candy-striped horses of the Carousel, the colourful Duplo Train and the FairyTale Brook, tying in perfectly with this term’s topic – fairy tales…



STARFISH & TURTLE - LIVING THE HIGH LIFE! On Thursday, Turtle and Starfish visited Brooklands Museum as part of our topic work on Transport.

TURTLE RACES INTO FIRST PLACE IN ATTENDANCE RACE                                                 

We recently sent a letter home to parents outlining how seriously we take attendance rates.

As these rates are so closely linked to attainment and progress, here at St. Stephen’s we do all we can to monitor and encourage good attendance. With that in mind, we have been looking at the attendance rates of each class and we are delighted to report that the class with the most attended sessions last term was Turtle! With an attendance rate of 97.47%, it’s great to see the little ones showing our older children how it’s done. The winning class will now be able to choose a reward of their choice – it could be  a piece of school equipment, reading materials or another educational bonus.

Of course, the biggest reward of all will be the progress that each winning class makes as a result of their hard work and diligence.


On Thursday 3rd November, the Reception children pulled on their wellies, wrapped up in their coats and trekked en masse to Marble Hill Park. The children spent the morning kicking through the colourful Autumn leaves, collecting them into a large pile and examining the different shapes and colours. We were accompanied by a wonderful array of Parent Helpers who helped us to make the most of the brisk November weather. 





Another September, another school year. We are delighted to welcome back all our lovely children and staff. The children have returned rested and brimming with enthusiasm, so we are already confident this is going to be a great year. Two very keen returnees are our Reception mascots Billy and Bobby Bear. They have been out and about this week visiting our new Reception children, shaking a paw or two as they go. And when our reporter spoke to the young cubs earlier today, they assured us the new Reception cohort are all settling in nicely!