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The Big Spring Clean - Bag2School 13th May


We are pleased to announce that FOSS has organised a clothes & shoe collection with Bag2School in order to raise funds for St. Stephen’s. In particular, funds from this project will go towards investment in our playground apparatus - including essential playground repairs and the purchase of a reading room structure. Some of the playground apparatus is now in such need of repair that it is out of bounds – the scramble net and the parallel bars to name a few. Essential repairs are also needed to the rubber matting. The total cost is estimated to be between £7000 and £8000. As well as Bag2School, there will be several events during the Summer term that will be dedicated to funding this.

By getting involved in our Bag2School collection, you have an opportunity to sort through your cupboards and wardrobes and donate unwanted textiles in the bag provided – this can include adults’ and children’s clothes, shoes (tied together please), hats, belts, handbags and soft toys.

You’ll find a bag in your child’s book bag for you to fill, but we can accept black bin liners or any other kind of bag, so start collecting now! If you fill the donation bag and still have more, just keep going and don’t forget to ask grandparents, friends and neighbours to have a sort out as well!

Bag2School will be collecting from St Stephen’s School on Monday 13th May

Please bring your bag (or bags!) to the school playground on Monday 13th - before 9am - to help us reach a record-breaking donation total.

Bag2School is the UK’s leading textile recycler and fundraiser working with schools and since its inception in 2001 it has now paid out over £32 million. In addition to raising much needed funds it will also raise awareness amongst the children of the benefits of recycling and reuse and helps the environment by helping to divert unwanted textiles away from landfill.

A recent DEFRA report has shown that textile collection schemes are helping to reduce the volume of textiles discarded as municipal solid waste. However, it is a fact that as a nation we still send 350,000 tonnes of textiles to landfill every year.

Many thanks for helping us with this unique fundraising opportunity.

All our team members are REALLY passionate about (old) clothes...