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St Stephen's

Building Each Other Up in Love and Learning

Year 4

YEAR 4 HAVE BEEN LIKING THE VIKINGS                                                                                              March 16th

Year 4 have been learning all about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.

They have learned about how they invaded and came to settle in the UK, looking at the life styles they had and the types of materials they used.  We have also learnt all about the Sutton Hoo discovery and visited the British Museum.

This week we enjoyed a Viking workshop involving ancient weaponry. We even recreated an Anglo-Saxon purse (it would have been made from leather). The children learnt how to do a running stitch and a blanket stitch - and Miss Lyth has been very impressed with the sewing skills!!  Once finished, they will be displayed around the school.

  YEAR 4’s LEGENDARY GREEK DAY                                                         December 8th 2017

Our Year 4’s created a legendary spectacle on Monday, as the children arrived in full Greek regalia and various mythical guises – including a spectacular Medusa. Each child (and the teachers) paraded their costume in front of classmates with an introduction as to who they were. The morning was then spent publishing their travel brochure on Crete, which they have been writing as part of their Literacy curriculum. After working up an appetite over their brochures, they enjoyed a Greek banquet where they tried different cheeses, Greek yoghurt, dates, olives, pitta and grapes. The day was finished off with a performance of Greek Myths, written by the children throughout the term.

SEWING SEEDS AT ST. STEPHEN'S                                                                                                        November 3rd, 2017

This week, our green fingered Year 4’s have provided a veritable feast of information relating to the St. Stephen’s Gardening Club, which takes place in our school playground. Our handy horticulturalists had this to say:

In gardening club last term, we grew vegetables and crops such as carrots, coriander, parsley and more! 10 days after planting them, we saw some shoots coming through. Tess pulled out a massive carrot! We have also been growing radishes and other yummy things. All of the children had a chance to make labels and watering cans out of plastic bottles. We also tried to grow Mizuna Red Knight - that was nice and spicy and good in a stir fry with coriander – and marigolds, that are tasty in salads. We are growing lots of vegetables in the winter – some are spicy. Some of our crops are wild flowers, chard and rocket (not the kind that goes into space). Most of our plants are edible and we have two flower beds – one is for green plants and the other one is for vegetables. We experiment with spinach and lettuce and we aim to sew all through the Winter. Sally our teacher in a very kind person and welcomes anyone who wants to join. Luckily, it’s also free!

By Seraphina, Ophelia, Isla, Georgia - 4L