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Year 4 Hooke Court Blog



Year 4 Day 2 Blog

We all woke (early!) and had a few hours to shower, organise and prepare for the day ahead of us. We were spoiled for choice at breakfast - cereal, toast and baked beans. 

Our first session was a village walk which was split into two sessions with our two teachers, Alan and Charlotte. One session was a walk through the village (which looked incredibly different from St Margaret’s) and completed a building survey. We discovered that although in St Margaret’s, the most common type of house is a terrace house, here in Hooke the more common type of house was a detached house.  We also found out that in the entire village, there are only 26 children - less than one class!


We then had to seek shelter under the porch of a church before taking part in our second session. Here, we looked at how to use a compass alongside an Ordnance Survey Map. We were then caught in a heavy rain shower so headed back to Hooke Court for lunch. Our spirits were still very high and there were huge smiles as we ate our sandwiches, yoghurt, -fruit and flapjacks in our common room. 


Luckily, the shower passed and soon we were back on our way to Hooke Village. Here, we attempted to complete our field sketch of one of the beautiful houses but unfortunately, the rain returned so we had to abandon our mission! 

Instead, we were taken to a rebuild of a **** which was incredibly atmospheric. Here, we predicted what the answer would be to the questionnaires that we designed to answer our question, how does the land use in Hooke differ from the land use in St Margaret’s. The answers were also shared with us which highlighted some huge differences. For example, in St Margaret’s, most of us can walk to the station in 5 minutes or less. However, in Hooke, the nearest station is a 40 minute drive away. Also, we are so lucky that we live close to a supermarket. In contrast, the nearest supermarket is about a 30 minute drive away.

How lucky are we that we can pop out to get some emergency milk if we need.


The weather dried up, and we were able to have a good run around and play a few games before going in for warm showers.



Dinner night was BBQ style - chicken drumsticks and sausage in a bun. We also enjoyed ice cream!


 Our final session for the day was a campfire with our teacher Tom. Here, we told jokes and sang songs before returning back for a bedtime story from Miss Lyth.



We are all having a wonderful time and we're looking forward to seeing our families tomorrow!

Year 4 Day 1 Blog

After saying goodbye to their parents, Year 4 were on their way to Hooke Court. We had a great journey down and whooped loudly when we passed Stone Henge. Excitement levels were high when we arrived and we enjoyed a picnic in the garden. The children were great at putting on their sheets and duvet covers and some were complete superstars and helped the rest of their dorm. After a game of stuck in the mud, we went back to our rooms to unpack and relax before dinner.

We then went on a walk to Hooke Forest and used our knowledge of maps to do some orienteering. The children were really amazing at applying their knowledge from school and were able to find 6-figure grid references of different landmarks. It has been interesting to think about the difference between the map we looked at today and the one we have studied of St Margaret’s.

Dinner was very tasty - delicious pasta and crumble!

We then had an evening lesson with Chris, our fantastic new teacher, and he taught us about contour lines and why we use them. We then had a challenge to build our own 3D contours using cardboard - how fun!


We are all having a fabulous time and everyone is enjoying themselves very much. All the children have truly been ambassadors for the school and we can’t wait for more fun tomorrow. Please check tomorrow evening for more!