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St Stephen's

Building Each Other Up in Love and Learning

Year 5

YEAR 5 REVISIT THE PAST                                                                                                                          20th October 2017

This week Year 5 were transported back in time to the golden age of Victorian Britain. Resplendent in Victorian clothes, our intrepid time travellers ventured out to Gunnersbury Park Museum taking part in immersive, drama-based workshops. Our strict Victorian schoolmistress instructed her new pupils in the 3Rs, vocal gymnastics and physical drill. The pupils used slates, slate pencils and copybooks, all kindly donated by Lord and Lady Rothschild and local philanthropists who supported education and healthcare during the Victorian period. Exemplary pupils were duly rewarded by Her Majesty’s Inspector, who just happened to be visiting, with certificates of merit. Thankfully no-one failed to meet the Inspector’s exacting standards!!

The trip helped to support our curriculum learning, for KS2 Local History, to experience school life from the point of view of a Victorian child, identifying differences and similarities with present day school life, and drawing conclusions about changes in attitudes and practices in children’s education over time.



A DREAM PERFORMANCE FOR YEAR 5 AT RICHMOND THEATRE                                                             13th Oct 2017

This week saw our Year 5 children whisked away to a technicolour world of music and splendour, as they took their seats for Richmond Theatre’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. 

The spectacular sets and foot-tapping score created an immersive experience that totally engaged our Year 5s. From calypso and gospel rhythms to Elvis and the Eiffel Tower, the children enjoyed a riveting array of dance, music and design. The children are studying Joseph as part of their RE curriculum so we are looking forward to seeing how this will transfer to the classroom, reinforcing the meaning and improving their understanding of this important 2nd Testament Bible story.