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Year 5 Hooke Court Blog



Year 5 Day 2 Hooke Court School Journey

We all woke up bright and early so had a couple of hours to shower, get ready and have some fresh air before breakfast. 

Breakfast was delicious - cereal, toast and baked beans - excellent fuel for our busy day.

Our first session was a cooking session with Jacks and Liz, our Hooke Court teachers for the day. We learned about local food and thought about using sustainable ingredients. We heard all about food miles - how far our food has come before it reaches our plates. In an ideal world, we should choose our food from local sources, which has travelled the fewest miles possible. We cooked so many dishes in such a short time:


  • Rainbow trout with lemon stuffing

  • Chicken and sweetcorn soup

  • Cream of tomato soup

  • Fresh bread rolls

  • Scones

  • Quiche

  • Strawberry jam

  • Freshly pressed apple juice


At the end of our session, we even got to taste everything. It tasted even better for having been grown locally. 

After lunch, we visited a few areas of Hooke Court to help us understand sustainable living - they have a poly-tunnel for growing fruit and veg, a herb garden and they even keep pigs and sheep. The pigs were especially fun!

We then left Hooke Court for a 20 minute walk to a local dairy-farm. We met Farmers Kevin and Helen, who kindly showed us all around their beautiful farm. We met the cows, saw them being milked and asked lots of questions. They even have a huge solar panel to help sustainably run the farm. 

After a walk back to Hooke Court, we all enjoyed some well-deserved free time and dried out - it has been rather a muddy day!

No rest for the wicked! After dinner, it was time for a contour mapping workshop! We are all glad to be in the warm and dry, being creative with making our own maps. 


What a long and productive day it has been. We can hardly believe what we have fitted into 14 hours! Surely all the children will sleep well tonight. We can’t wait to see you all tomorrow to tell you more about our adventures. The children have been amazing and embraced every moment. 




Year 5 Day 1 Hooke Court School Journey

What a wonderful day we’ve had! After a slightly longer than planned journey, we arrived at Hooke Court - ready for our packed lunches! We sat on the lawn to picnic, before exploring our dormitories for a few minutes.

No more than 20 minutes after our arrival, we set off to explore sustainability at Hooke Court and the local area. We discovered that there is a sustainable school of architecture, right on our doorstep! Alan and Chris, our two Hooke Court teachers shared lots of their local knowledge on sustainability.



We saw lots of different styles of sustainable housing in the local woods and asked lots of intelligent questions. It will be interesting to compare the houses in St Margarets on our return. 

After some fresh air, we returned to our rooms to unpack and relax for an hour before dinner.

Dinner was delicious - pasta and crumble, which was very welcome fuel after a busy day! We also had two special birthdays to celebrate!





After dinner, we braved the rain for songs around the campfire! What an exciting day! 


The children have all shown impeccable behaviour and have been an absolute joy to be around. More to follow tomorrow evening…..