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St Stephen's

Building Each Other Up in Love and Learning

Year 6

July 2018                                                                                                                                              Year 6 present Peter Pan

Last month, our Year 6 children outdid themselves with a fantastical performance of the JM Barrie classic, Peter Pan. The Lost Boys were spectacularly mischievous, the Pirates were captivating and the Darlings were...well.. just darling!

So much work goes on behind the scenes with the costume management, scenery, music and props - and every member of Year 6 showed tremendous resourcefulness to help create a masterpiece. 

Of course, none of it would have been possible without Miss Mizon and Mrs Kekeh's spectacular input. 

Here are some highlights, but for the full picture, please click here.


May 27th 2018                                                                                                                                   THE GENERATION GAME

It's been a hectic half term for Year Six, but it rounded off on a relaxing note for 6M with a wonderful visit to our friends at the Dalemead Retirement home in St Margarets - don't worry 6K the residents are looking forward to seeing you after half term.

6M put on a fabulous show, with our musical members giving a splendid concert. Performances included cello, recorder, piano and singing turns.

Following some chatting over squash and biscuits, the children treated the delighted residents to some fancy footwork with a flossing dance display.

Much merriment was had by all.

YEAR 6 REALLY PUT THEIR HEART INTO SCIENCE THIS WEEK                                                                 May 11th 2018

Year 6 had the pleasure and experience of dissecting 30 lambs hearts recently as part of their Science learning about circulation and the heart. Alongside their experience making blood as part of Science Week, they got to undertake some of the slightly ‘ickier’ part of scientific enquiry - dissection.

They discovered the four chambers of the heart, different arteries and veins and got to look at the different sides to compare muscle thickness before trying to find the valves to understand how they work.

MONKEYING AROUND                                                                                                                                    March 16th 2018

This week our Year 6s enjoyed a walk on the wild side with a visit to historic London Zoo, nestling in beautiful Regent’s Park - a fitting setting for some science on the hoof!

As Miss Mizon said: ”It was a day of awe and wonder for our children! We lost count of the ‘ooohs’ and ‘ahhs’ as we made our way around. It just goes to prove, sometimes a trip out of school, with your peers and teachers, can put all that work in the classroom into context.” Even the sun smiled on us as we got up close and personal with many species we knew … and some not so familiar.

The children had recently been studying how animals adapt to their environments and the trip was topped off with an illuminating talk on adaptations by one of the in-house staff. There was also feeding time at the zoo (our packed lunches) and then home.

Our children behaved impeccably and treated our fellow travellers and their new animal friends with lashings of respect.

RETURN TO SENDER                                                                                                                                       January 19, 2018

There are those who maintain communicating by putting pen to paper is a thing of the past.

However, that's news to these Year Six epistle writers. When the call went out for children to be penpals for the residents of the Dalemead Retirement Home in St Margarets, these young  scholars volunteered to become missive monitors. We have recently set up links with the home, making regular visits with groups of children to read and enjoy art and singing sessions with the residents. So successful has been the scheme, that we thought it would be wonderful to set up our own 'Adopt a Granny' letter swap scheme. To kick off the youngsters wrote to their new friends, giving details of their hobbies and families and were thrilled to receive similar notes from the residents.


Plans are afoot for a face-to-face meet with their new chums, as well as a continuation of postal exchanges. The instant gratification of messenger and what's app are all well and good, but the thrill of receiving a crisp, paper-based message through the post is a mite more satisfying.

The smiles on the faces of the children when we told them 'you've got mail' was a joy to see and it appeared in an envelope, not an inbox ...

       IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM                                                                                           December 2017

This week our Year 6s continued their historical and military tuition by spending time in the WW1 galleries at the Imperial War Museum. They explored the interactive zones and artefacts left from WW1.

In the afternoon, the children kick started their WW2 projects by meeting three evacuees who lived through the blitz to tell their stories.

Moving, remarkable and very special.



PUTTING THE BUSY INTO BUSINESS                                                                                              December 2017

Thank you to all the parents and pupils who attended – and splashed the cash – at the St. Stephen's Enterprise Fair. Our budding entrepreneurs set up a bustling market to showcase their businesses as part of the 'Putting Young Minds to Work' programme run by Stride Ventures.

Sponsored by Tech 21: a local technology company based in Twickenham, our young impressarios will be spending today counting up their profits, evaluating their performance and hopefully enjoying the spoils of their success.

    INTERNET SAFETY WORKSHOPS                                                 December 2017

Last week our Year 6 pupils took part in a forum theatre Cyberbullying Workshop which aimed to get the children thinking about the choices and consequences around cyberbullying. This was followed by individual classes to coach the children, preparing them to cascade their learnings to their fellow pupils in Year 5.

This included working on their own play or workshop or delivering information in different styles – I.e. a TV advert, a comic book, a game show or a computer game. They then worked on their own ideas within the classroom setting with their teacher. The following day, the separate classes examined the various ideas that had been generated and put together their presentation, going on to deliver their workshops to the younger classes.

These are valuable opportunities for our older children to not only learn about important issues themselves, but to also understand how they can lead by example and influence their peers by sharing their own experiences.

Year 6 Trip to Belgium

Year 6 Trip to Belgium This week, Year 6 embarked on their school trip to Ypres, Belgium. 

Year 6 Trip to Belgium - the next instalment...

Year 6 Trip to Belgium - the next instalment... The Menin Gate, Messines and the Passchendaele Musem