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St Stephen's

Building Each Other Up in Love and Learning

School Business Manager


Job Description – School Business Manager


Job Purpose: To undertake and/or oversee the full range of financial, administrative and clerical tasks for the school. To lead the office


Duties and Responsibilities


  • Comply with policies and procedures relating to child protection, health, safety, welfare, security, confidentiality and data protection and report any concerns to the appropriate person
  • Actively support the school’s and Borough’s equal opportunities polices.
  • Contribute to the Vision Statement, overall aims and targets of the school.
  • To lead the school office so that it works efficiently and effectively
  • To lead and line manage the office staff and support them within their professional development through appraisal and ongoing support
  • To be responsible for income generation through grants and other fundraising opportunities
  • Be a positive and solution- driven leader
  • Maintain the school office as a tidy and professional place of work.
  • Maintain a professional, kind and helpful attitude when liaising with staff, visitors, parents and children.
  • To be the first line of management to deal with any difficulties raised by parents/ wider community
  • To provide day to day support and advice to the office and SLT in relevant fields of expertise, particularly in relation to safeguarding, HR, premises, welfare, admissions, finance, GDPR, health and safety, the school kitchen  and parents. DPO?
  • To provide reports and analysis for Governors and Headteacher related to position



  • To follow all safeguarding polices and ensure all the office team follow procedures
  • To act as a deputy DSL [ after training]
  • Oversee all admin team to ensure that all aspects of safeguarding within the office is being completed
  • Ensure that the admin team make all visitors, volunteers and parents know the safeguarding expectations and procedures
  • To ensure that the admin team have records to show that all clubs or workshop leaders have safeguarding policies, training and sign to say they understand our safeguarding expectations
  • To keep records that provide evidence of safeguarding training and signed agreements from staff and visitors
  • To book relevant training to ensure that all staff and visitors training is up to date
  • To update relevant safeguarding polices linked to role e.g. Safer Recruitment
  • Support staff with creating CPOM accounts and using this system




  • Act as a point of contact for all enquiries and visitors to the school and provide relevant documentation and information about school matters/activities.
  • Ensure that all visitors are signed in and out and are issued with an identification badge and safeguarding information is provided and signatures are collected that the person understands
  • Ensure that all telephone queries are handled appropriately, taking messages and delivering calls or dealing with them directly. 
  • Act as the first line of contact with Achieving for Children, Richmond Council, the LDBS and various support agencies, on issues relating to pupils, personnel and finance and liaise with school staff as appropriate.



  • Check that an office diary is in place and updated and lead regular diary briefings.
  • Lead weekly office meetings to plan ahead
  • Devise and update an action plan for developments in the office
  • Work with the admin team to ensure that emails are distributed to the appropriate members of staff and that responses are made to email requests where appropriate.
  • Create and maintain filing systems for paperwork and on computer and ensure that back up procedures are implemented.
  • Ensure that the RM packages (G2 Integris and RM Finance) relating to pupils, staffing and finance are updated and work with Finance Admin officer to providing reports and figures as required.
  • Create log ins for integris for new staff and those who need to have their account updated
  • Take responsibility for the LA and DfE returns on pupils and staff including census
  • Be responsible for overseeing the administration relating to school trips, as necessary.
  • Ensure pupil, staff and governor details on file or computer are secure and GDPR is adhered to.
  • Provide advice and guidance relating to the school registers and attendance records.
  • To support the Headteacher in marketing the school in the local and wider community.
  • To be the first point of contact for Freedom of Information requests  and Subject Access Requests (SARs)




  • To have a good understanding of the school’s admissions arrangements and be able to advise on these as required.
  • To lead on matters relating to admissions, including liaising with the LA and the LDBS, dealing with enquiries and correspondence, organising visits for prospective parents, maintaining accurate records and checking church supplementary forms.
  • To attend governors’ Admissions Committee meetings and provide advice on reviewing and administering the policy for admissions.
  • To manage the waiting list for Admissions, liaising with the LA and parents as appropriate.
  • To prepare paperwork for and attend Admissions Appeals, liaising with the LA and parents, as appropriate.


Human Resources

  • Provide clerical support in the recruitment and selection process
  • Provide a lead on Safer Recruitment procedures and check all processes are in line with the policies
  • Be responsible for paperwork and records for new staff appointments and Governors
  • Initiate and manage DBS checks for staff, Governors, volunteers and outside providers and maintain records of DBS status.
  • Oversee and manage the Single Central Record, ensuring that it is up-to-date and compliant with legislation
  • Organise the completion of timesheets, reimbursement claims forms, maternity paperwork and sickness forms to the approval of the Headteacher.
  • Be responsible for changes to existing staff contracts, including safeguarding checks- including records
  • Induct new staff in office and safeguarding procedures e.g. use of intergris and CPOMS
  • Provide guidance and support for staff regarding their pensions and salaries
  • Preparing salary assessments
  • Be the Line Manager and appraiser for the Administrative Officer, overseeing her work as necessary and providing advice and guidance
  • Lead of setting up wrap around care
  • Be aware of and take part in the school’s appraisal framework, attend SBM meetings and participate in training and development activities as required.
  • Be responsible for arranging supply cover for the school and accurately recording the details.
  • To maintain records on staff  sickness and provide analysis for Headteacher and governors and alert when staff have reached thresholds
  • To liaise with HR department when necessary
  • Devise and update professional development records for staff


Accounting and Finance

  • To be responsible for income generation
  • To research and apply for possible grants and income
  • Attend Governor Finance Panel Meetings and provide advice and guidance regarding the monitoring of the school budget, bringing to the attention of the Governors areas of concern regarding overspends and remedial actions
  • To provide financial advice and support to the Headteacher, staff and Governors as required.
  • To ensure that the school has appropriate financial systems and manage these in accordance with agreed policies and timetables. 
  • To ensure that financial transactions in the school are carried out in an appropriate manner and that the financial regulations of both the Local Authority and the school are observed.
  • Take responsibility for the management of the school’s main account, banking and recording school income and expenditure onto the school’s financial database and keeping information updated.
  • To work with the Headteacher in setting the school budget, reviewing expenditure and effecting virements as required.
  • Process orders and invoices for payment in line with the school’s purchasing practice.
  • Check and enter monthly staff salary information, liaising with the LA HR Payroll service to resolve any queries.
  • Be instrumental in achieving value for money for the school, managing the tendering for all service contracts with a view to cost effectiveness.
  • Keep track of contracts and organise tenders for new contracts
  • To work with the Headteacher to ensure that the school meets the requirements for the SFVS.
  • To co-operate, initiate and manage audit procedures as necessary. 
  • Keep financial records relating to the school’s main bank account and provide information required by the audit division of the finance department and external auditors.
  • Carry out monthly bank account reconciliation and make monthly VAT claims to the LA.
  • Enter online income onto the school’s finance system in liaison with the Finance Admin Officer
  • Organise cheque signatories for the school accounts.
  • To support staff with responsibility for delegated budgets with procedures that enable them to monitor these budgets.
  • Oversee procurement  
  • To lead benchmarking to check for best value and report the outcomes to Governors and Headteacher


Supplies and Services

  • To work with the Headteacher to select services required by the school, monitor the quality of these services and call providers to account where there are problems.
  • To liaise with ICT providers, technicians and school staff to ensure that ICT provision meets the needs of the school. 
  • Work with the admin team so that photocopying facilities are available and monitor usage.  Ensure that faults or problems with the photocopying equipment are reported.
  • Keep logs for monitoring ongoing contracts.
  • Oversee the admin team so that there is efficient and effective systems for all deliveries are checked and distributed and that prompt remedial action is taken when necessary and that he school office is stocked with appropriate items and manage a budget for this purpose.
  • Ensure that the school inventory is maintained and keep records of equipment on loan.



  • Be responsible for the day to day management of the school site and ensure that health and safety requirements with regard to people and property are maintained.
  • Ensure that the Health and Safety Policy is up to date and use LA to support with this update
  • Keeping relevant insurances up to date and displayed as appropriate
  • Complete records and accidents and report where appropriate – analyse any patterns and report
  • Contribute to the school site improvement plan and attend meetings regarding the condition of the building as relevant e.g. Annual Condition Survey
  • Be responsible for monitoring maintenance contracts for the school e.g. boiler, air conditioning etc.
  • Liaise with fire precautions services and caretaker regarding the installation and maintenance of equipment for protection against and escape from fire, keeping records and initiating regular fire practices.
  • Support and advise the Headteacher on school emergency procedures.
  • Maintain a list of school key holders and be responsible for arrangements relating to school security.
  • Act as a line manager for school premises staff, including liaising with agencies as necessary, ensuring proper cleaning, maintenance and repair are carried out. 
  • Devise and up[date action plans for premises work
  • Oversee records e.g compliance and actions plans
  • Ensure that the caretaker contacts for building contractors/surveyors ensuring that they are aware of the school’s safeguarding procedures and oversee the quality of work, when necessary.
  • Participate in site meetings for refurbishment works, providing advice to contractors and the Headteacher as necessary.
  • Undertake any other similar duties as required