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The Dyspraxia Foundation Volunteer Local Co-ordinator - New Event

Please find a message from the new Dyspraxia Foundation Volunteer Local Co-ordinator for the Dyspraxia Foundation

Dear friends,

I have started volunteering for the Dyspraxia Foundation to organise events in London for dyspraxic children as they can often find it hard to attend sports and arts groups without feeling demoralised as they might look like they are not trying hard enough/paying attention/etc, etc. See the recent character in the new Doctor Who who still couldn’t ride a bike as a teenager…!

The charity will encourage a parent to become a member, but the events will then be heavily subsidised and all over London eg cycling lessons, martial arts, dancing, OT and info sessions for parents, etc.

We have appointed Sheila Clark as a new Volunteer Local Co-ordinator for the Dyspraxia Foundation – Central London area - offering much needed support to families with children with dyspraxia. She is taking over from Silja Turville (previously called the Westminster group). A new website and Facebook page for the central London group will follow. 

Sheila has a 7 year old daughter with dyspraxia and a 6 year old son with developmental verbal dyspraxia plus other coordination delays. She particularly feels that there is a gap in the provision of sports and arts clubs for children who are dyspraxic, so would like to organise lots of events to keep children motivated and active, as well as ways for parents to share information and socialise together. If you would like to volunteer to assist with any events, social media or as treasurer please contact her on the email below. 

Our first event will be indoor climbing at Clip 'n Climb, a really fun indoor climbing centre close to Fulham Broadway on Saturday 26th January at 2-3.30pm. 

No climbing experience is necessary, they provide training in the first 20 mins and provide the equipment including automatic belay devices which lower you to the ground! See their website for more details. Children must be over 4 years old, and can usually participate without adults as there are lots of supervisors there. We can watch from a balcony and chat over coffee.

It would be great to meet beforehand at 12.45 at Pizza Express Fulham Broadway Retail Centre above the tube (Pizza is pay your own way).

Please email Sheila if you would like to join or if you have questions:

Sheila Clark 


The main Dyspraxia Foundation website and FB page are below, plus details of a new event.