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In-Year Admissions

If you move into the area and want to apply for a place, you will need to complete a Richmond in-year application form.

Please visit the website at Acheiving for Children (AFC) for information by clicking here.

You can list up to four maintained schools or academies in the borough in the order that you prefer them. Richmond Council coordinates all in-year applications for schools in the borough. they will pass on your child's details to the admissions authorities for the schools you have named and they will let you know if your child has qualified for a place.  If none of the schools that you apply for is able to offer your child a place, they will advise you of the nearest school with a vacancy and you will be able to make another application.

Please note your child will be expected to start in the correct year group for their age.

Your family must already be living in the property before you can apply for a school place except in the following circumstance.  If you are an HM Forces family with a confirmed posting to this area, or a UK Crown Servant returning from overseas to this area, you can apply for a school place up to four months in advance of your return.  This is provided your application is accompanied by official documentary evidence from your employer that confirms a relocation date and your address in the Richmond borough.

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Our mission, as staff, governers, parents and members of the wider school community, is to make this vision a reality, constantly building each other up in love and learning.