Building each other up

Equal Opportunities

It is our view that all children, whatever their sex, religion, culture or special circumstances, should have equal access to all educational opportunities within the school.

Our curriculum planning takes account of each child’s learning needs and we endeavour to recognise and value children’s successes and achievements at all times.

At St. Stephen’s we have developed a pattern of education that enables all pupils to give their best.

Multi-cultural understanding is not seen as a separate topic that has been ‘welded on’ to existing practices.

Our approach is based on the respect that each individual is expected to have for every other, and differences between individuals, particularly those involving linguistic, cultural and ethnic diversities, are considered to add to the richness of the school environment.


See our current Equality Policy. 

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Our mission, as staff, governers, parents and members of the wider school community, is to make this vision a reality, constantly building each other up in love and learning.