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We believe that science enhances and develops children’s social, mathematical and analytical skills, and develops important life skills such as perseverance, problem-solving, critical thinking and researching. Through the teaching of science, children develop a natural curiosity about their world.

Scientific enquiry skills are cultivated at every level through a curriculum aimed at empowering the children to act and think like scientists and to learn scientists’ come from varied backgrounds and cultures.  Our cross-curricular approach means we link our science learning to our topics. PSHE and Science maintain strong links through topics about the health and wellbeing, the body, hygiene and growing and changing.

Our hands on approach provides the opportunity to get stuck in. Key Stage 1 are able to plant, grow seeds, and observe them closely. They hunt for mini-beasts and discuss varying habitats through exploration. Children in Key Stage 2 design and carry out their own comparative and fair tests Year 4 recreate the digestive system, using vinegar and washing up liquid, to mimic the journey of food from when it enters the mouth to when it leaves the body. Year 5 use the playground to work out the relative distance between the planets in our Solar System.

We want our children to leave us with a positive attitude to science and a strong grounding in its basic concepts and disciplines so they continue to engage and develop their knowledge at secondary school.‚Äč

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Our mission, as staff, governers, parents and members of the wider school community, is to make this vision a reality, constantly building each other up in love and learning.