Building each other up

What Parents Say About Us

St. Stephen's believes that every child is unique and no matter what their needs may be, individual qualities are to be supported and celebrated. This is reflected in their day to day lessons. And our parents can see this first hand...

"My son is in reception year and I'm writing to express my gratitude to his teachers."

"Every time we've met during a parents evening, they have shown us that they really... and I mean really... know each child and their unique personalities. It is incredibly comforting to know this."

"You have some very special teachers at your school, and I'm sure I'll meet others along the way. But for now, I wanted you to know that they have made a huge difference in our lives."

We took part in a whole host of special activities for British Science Week. Here's some feedback from a parent about how the activities were received...

"Can you to pass on congratulations to all the teachers involved in planning and providing such an engaging week for the children."

"My son absolutely loved science week - I was given chapter and verse on the potions they'd made, the experiments they'd done and the talks from the parents. We're are now watching and waiting for the results from our own flower experiment at home! Having spoken to other parents I get a similar vibe that all the kids thoroughly enjoyed the week and the activities - so would like to say a huge well done and thanks to all involved!"

Last year we invited parents to respond to our Parent Survey. We received some lovely feedback - as well as some points to consider as we continue to strive to constantly improve.

Here's what our parents had to say about St. Stephen's:

"I think St Stephen's is a very happy friendly school which prioritises the well-being of pupils."

"Happy kids performing well, supported by great staff, can't ask for much more!"

"The children are happy, the teachers love the children, and my son loves his teachers. I really appreciate the personalised work with my son."

"The children are happy, trips and visits are diverse, the atmosphere is warm and supportive. Teachers seem to know each child very well."

"Pupils all seem very happy and have a genuine concern for each other's wellbeing."

"And I'm gobsmacked by the amount of opportunities the school gives the children. I am a very proud parent."

"It's a really friendly school with high expectations of its pupils, a strong focus on individuals and an excellent enrichment curriculum."

"Community feeling of the school. A safe and nurturing environment."

"I would say what sets the school above all others in the local area, is its ethos and value of each child. It is not all about standards and pushing the children - it is the Christian values, whilst respecting children of all faiths. It is kind."

"Love the extra sport and music offered by St Stephen's. And not forgetting the day-to-day commitment from all the teachers - really massively appreciated."

"The overall atmosphere is very positive and both my children are very happy and proud to be at St Stephens. We are very positive towards the sports and music focus at the school. The teachers are very engaged and I feel that both my kids are learning on a daily basis and making good progress."

"Am really impressed at how quickly our son has learnt to read in reception - I never imagined that in just one year, he'd have the confidence and ability to read whole stories to his younger siblings! He loves it, thank you."

"Safe and nurturing environment encourages attendance and enables good progress of my child."

"I like this school, staff members and ethos. It's a real caring environment between parent and teachers, and a strong belief in positive reinforcement."

"I believe that the community spirit of St Stephen's is brilliant and the range of extra-curricular clubs and activities are great."

"A positive and nurturing culture."

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Our mission, as staff, governers, parents and members of the wider school community, is to make this vision a reality, constantly building each other up in love and learning.