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At St Stephen's, History is a tapestry woven with threads of the past, enriching our present and guiding our future. It cultivates our pupils as empathetic global citizens.


Our study of History at St Stephen’s is a robust, knowledge-rich journey that empowers pupils to explore the multi-faceted narratives that have shaped the world. Our aim is to provide our pupils with the intellectual and moral compass required to navigate an increasingly complex global society, whilst recognising the deep roots and values that connect us to our local community.


Rich experiences form the bedrock of our History curriculum, complementing rigorous classroom study with hands-on learning beyond. From meticulously examining artefacts to embarking on field trips to historical sites, we foster an immersive learning environment. We believe that history should not just be read but should be felt, touched, and lived. By providing these authentic experiences, we ensure that our pupils' understanding is both profound and enduring, from Early Years Foundation Stage through to Year 6.


Chronology is not just a series of dates; it’s the backbone of our historical understanding. We delve into timelines to comprehend cause and effect, sequence and significance. Our pupils learn how moments in time are interconnected, providing them with the framework to piece together the puzzle that is our shared history.


Sources are the lifeblood of historical enquiry at St Stephen's. Whether primary or secondary, oral or written, we train our pupils to be discerning scholars. They scrutinise evidence, weigh biases, and practise critical thinking to form their own reasoned conclusions. This skill set is invaluable, equipping them with the analytical skills necessary for a lifetime of informed citizenship.


Our curriculum is a mosaic of human endeavour and struggle, with units dedicated to worldwide history, including but not limited to British History. We explore the legacies of the Shang Dynasty, the Benin Kingdom, and Ancient Greece, whilst also delving into transformative events like the Civil Rights Movement. This global focus enriches our pupils’ appreciation for cultural diversity and allows them to draw connections between different civilisations and their own lives.


In an age where the past continually informs our present and future, we at St Stephen’s commit ourselves to a History curriculum that not only looks back but also looks ahead. As the future leaders and citizens of tomorrow, our pupils will have the historical literacy and ethical awareness to contribute meaningfully to the world.


By cultivating a deep and enduring love for history, we prepare our pupils not just to become witnesses to the world's unfolding story, but to play an active role in shaping its next chapters. At St Stephen’s, history isn’t just a subject; it's a responsibility we share, a legacy we inherit, and a future we build together.

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Our mission, as staff, governers, parents and members of the wider school community, is to make this vision a reality, constantly building each other up in love and learning.