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Sports Premium

Our Vision

St. Stephen’s sports mission is to discover and develop and guide the potential within each pupil through engagement in sport and physical activities. 

Physical Education and Games

At St. Stephen’s we want our pupils to understand the role that P.E. plays in contributing to good health and well-being.  The value of positive attitude and ability is important from an early age and through sport we aim to provide opportunity and success to all the children through a balanced and high quality programme.  Sport also helps children learn how to communicate and work as part of a team; the integrity of fair play and through sportsmanship learn life values of winning and losing. 

Our aims and objectives as a school are to –

  • Provide more opportunities for children to participate in sport and try new sports
  • Engage children within competitions
  • Create greater links with outside sports clubs & organisations
  • Guide and give pathways for gifted and talented children.

Sports Premium

In April 2013, the Government announced new funding of £150m for P.E. and sport to improve the quality and breadth of P.E. and sport provision.

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The last few years have been difficult years for PE in schools. Tournaments and competitive matches were cancelled, and we missed the usual exciting schedule of sports. We are looking forward to resuming these in the last few weeks of the 2021 SUmmer Term if the situation allows. But in the meantime, you can find out previous year's achievements and events outlined below:

In September 2019, we were proud to be awarded the Gold School Games Mark for the 4th year running and aim by next year to be awarded the prestigious Platinum award for gold school games mark 5 years in a row. This not only recognises the large numbers of children who participate in competitive sport at St Stephen's Primary School but also celebrates the sporting provision at the school and in particular the number of extra-curricular clubs children here at St Stephen's participate in. A fantastic achievement.

We have continued to refer to the Youth Sport Trust toolkit to help us assess the school’s provision and outcomes in PE and school sport, and as result, identify priorities. We have decided to spend our money that we think will most benefit our children, these include the following:

Sports Trips

As a school we believe it is important to go watch sporting events. We feel the children gain a great experience to go watch professionals that dedicate their lives to one discipline in hope that this will fuel their already burning fire to want to achieve the best they can be within sport. Within the past year we have been attended trips to the following:

  • Year 6 - Twickenham Rugby Stadium
  • Whole school attended The 2017 World Para Athletics Championships, held at London Stadium

Sainsbury’s School Games

In September 2016 we were awarded the School Games Gold award for outstanding PE and sport provision. This was launched to reward schools for their commitment and development of competition, engagement & overall provision both during curriculum and extra-curricular activity.

Level 1 competition

Within the last year PE & Games has been scheduled so that all topics are in line with the borough competitions that we play within. We also play a house competition that enables every child to compete within competition and build points that will give an overall winner at the end of the school year on completion of sports day. Every child in KS2 participated in at least 8 house events including Sports Day.

It has been our passion to ensure our provision is inclusive, to enable all children to be involved and participate in sport.

Level Two competitions

The school attend cluster competitions and festivals held at Orleans Park School, this is focused on all year groups at different times of the year across key stage one and key stage two which are run by young leaders within Orleans Park School – many of whom where ex-students of St Stephens.

The school enter as many competitions as possible, the borough put on many different events and festivals which we feel are a fantastic way for the children to compete. We also enter many external competitions which allows us to have the opportunity to compete against other schools both regionally and nationally.

As many of the externally sports competitions that we enter are only one team entry. We identified that representing your school in sport was a huge honour for children to be a part of and for the last two years we have organised festivals in a range of sport’s for all children within Key Stage 2 to participate in against other primary schools – this has been a huge success, that led to an increase in extracurricular clubs in which we will continue to do this year.

Other uses of the sports premium include:

  • Year 5&6 Gifted & Talented squad training opportunity. These sessions will focus on the key skills that both engage and stretch the more able children in particular sports to then represent the school in level two competitions.
  • Producing a sports council that will allow students to become young leaders to learn to lead groups in physical development and develop sport in and around the school.
  • Targeted equipment to be purchased, with the direct intention of encouraging less active pupils to engage in regular physical activity. This will include playground equipment, which can be utilised by the sports council leaders in more structured activities at break times and lunchtimes
  • The most important part we feel the money should be spent on is to make sure we have high quality PE being taught throughout the school. The money will be used to pay for a Primary PE Specialist, releasing them to support every teacher in the school to make sure high quality physical literacy is being taught across the year groups. The plan is for teachers to be observed, team teach with the specialist and to be supported on a 1:1 basis for the needs of each individual. This will improve the confidence and competency of all staff and ensure that high quality PE is being taught.
  • A new initiative from the Youth Sports Trust to engage parents to play with their children – we will provide parents opportunities to come into school and play with their children and help develop their knowledge of games and ways of how they can help with their own child’s physical literacy.

On the whole it is our vision that all St Stephens pupils will:

  • participate in a wide range of physical, creative and aesthetic settings
  • develop generic skills, knowledge and understanding, become physically literate and in most cases have their first experiences of sport
  • be enthused and be inspired to participate and develop a lifelong love of physical activity, sport and exercise

So our aims and objectives are to:

  • Provide more opportunities for children to participate in sport and try new sports
  • Engage children within competitions
  • Create greater links with outside sports clubs & organisations
  • Guide and give pathways for gifted and talented children

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Our mission, as staff, governers, parents and members of the wider school community, is to make this vision a reality, constantly building each other up in love and learning.