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St Stephen's

Building Each Other Up in Love and Learning

Year 6 to Twickenham Stadium

Our Year 6s visited Twickenham stadium this week for a tour and a 'design your own stadium' workshop.

The children enjoyed an extensive tour of the iconic venue on Thursday.

They had the chance to nose around the changing rooms and run through the tunnel on to the pitch, just as the professional rugby players do at match time.

Other highlights included sitting in all the different seating areas of the stadium.

Birthday girl Isobel even got the chance to sit in the Queen's seat and the seat Prince Harry would sit on for the England versus France game. 

"It was great, her seat was right on the half way line so you could see the whole pitch, and it was quite cool to think that the Queen has sat in the seat which I was sitting in," Isobel told us.

The Year 6s also took part in a workshop where they had the opportunity to design and budget for their very own stadium. 

As part of this exercise they learned about human geography including types of settlement and land use, economic activity, trade links and the distribution of natural resources.