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St Stephen's

Building Each Other Up in Love and Learning

Friday Morning Run Club

A huge welcome to all those who set their alarms and pitched up at Marble Hill Park for Miss Mizon and Mrs Lunn's ‘Friday Morning Run Club’! 

The children were lucky enough that the first of these sessions took place on a bright sunny morning with perfect running conditions. 

If anyone else want to join our morning session then please do sign up online. And if there are any volunteers for tail walkers/power walkers to walk at the back then do let us know.

Overall the children said they loved it and was a really good start to the day!

Running is great exercise whatever your age, and encouraging children to participate in sports and activities that involve running is both positive and healthy. Running strengthens bones, helps improve coordination, exercises the cardiovascular system, strengthens muscles and tendons, benefits your mental health and is also fun which are all excellent reasons for participation! The added bonus of the summer sun and lots of laugh make this one definitely not to miss!

It is worth mentioning that this is most definitely not an athletics club - much more a ‘Park Run-esque’ type event to get as many of us up and morning and ending the week on a high!

If all this chat about running has you feeling inspired and you fancy helping out or joining ‘Friday Morning Run Club’ then click on the link to complete the form and Miss Mizon will be in touch!