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Building Each Other Up in Love and Learning

Year 4 - Swanage - Day 2

What an absolutely stunning experience we’ve had on our second and only full day in Swanage! Everyone ended up getting a good nights sleep last night which was very important (and slightly unexpected) for the physical and mental challenges that lay ahead.

The day started at 7:30am with a much needed breakfast of scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, beans and tomato.  The cereal bar also ended up being a hot spot for some.  All of the children left the canteen with their stomachs full, heading towards their rooms to prepare themselves for our day out exploring Old Harry Rocks.


Suited, booted and out the door at 9:30am for our hike to Old Harry Rocks.  The 2.5 mile journey was split up beautifully by the Allnat Center leaders who taught the children everything from the history of Old Harry, to the coastal erosion that led to its existence in the first place.  A beautiful way to consolidate our learning in the classroom.  


Once atop the headland, the children were given an opportunity to walk up to a spectacular vantage point from which they took in a spectacular panoramic view of the entire bay. What a sight it was! 

The views taken in and the winds braved, we hiked on to yet another picturesque location for a bite to eat before making our way down to Studland beach for some fun and games to finish off our day.  And what a finish it was! Sculpture making, tennis ball race tracks and shell collecting were among the most popular activities. But obviously all of these paled in comparison to being given an opportunity to spend some of their money on an ice cream cone.

At 4:30pm, the children were delighted to see a coach pull into the parking lot. Of course this meant that they would have a nice and easy trip back to the Allnat centre where a trip to the tuck shop and a hot meal awaited them.  


The smell of mild chicken curry with rice, poppadoms and an option of baked potato filled the canteen as we walked in for our second hot meal of the day. 

Our after dinner activity  this evening is a trip to the campfire where children will be given the opportunity to show off some of their talents in front of the group as well as roast marshmallows once the fire dies down.



All in all, day 2 has been a resounding success. 

We are all looking very much forward to our trip to the sculpture park tomorrow.