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St Stephen's

Building Each Other Up in Love and Learning

Thank you for helping us to celebrate School Diversity Week - July 1st-5th

July 1st - 5th has been School Diversity Week and we’ve be celebrating diversity across the school - we've celebrated what makes us different and also all the things we have in common.

A huge thanks to everyone who went through their pockets, down the back of the sofa and in the bottom of their bags to find their unwanted coppers. Also, thank you to our fantastic FOSS team who once again succeeded in quite literally coining it in, with the amazing Copper Trail.

The playground was awash with coppers of every denomination, winding up and down like shimmering thread around the school playground, in what has to be record-breaking numbers...


This special week champions the fact that ALL children will have the opportunity to live happy and fulfilled lives. By taking part in School Diversity Week, we are preparing our pupils for a world in which the importance of diversity is recognised and individuals protected from discrimination.

Each class participated in lessons which consider our uniqueness while exploring diversity, teaching our children to respect the message of love, joy and the celebration of every person in our school community, without exception or exclusion - values which lie at the heart of St. Stephen’s.

We look forward to seeing how much we have raised and putting it towards diversity resources, and other school projects.