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November 2018

  • St Stephens are cross country borough champions

    Published 30/11/18

    Congratulations to our cross country team who are now borough champions!

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  • Year 6 School Journey - Hooke Court Evening Update: Thursday 29th November 2018

    Published 29/11/18

    If yesterday’s brief update of today’s order of events was mud, today was rain…lots and lots and lots of rain. And rain. And more rain. And some more.

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  • Year 6 at Hooke Court Nov 2018 - Diary Entry Day 3

    Published 29/11/18

    It was another good nights sleep for all the children here in Dorset last night and they rose beaming, happy and ready for their final day of life as a WW1 soldier! Another hearty breakfast was on the agenda but this time of the continental variety…ham, cheese, croissants and toast all washed down with fresh apple juice!

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  • Year 6 School Journey Hooke Court Evening Update: Wednesday 28th November!

    Published 28/11/18

    A brief update of today’s order of events…mud. And lots of it! We’ve completed our training in the trenches, got drenched in the pouring rain and used our scientific brains to solve puzzles and investigations this afternoon as the rain called off our chance to bridge the moat. However, it didn’t dampen our spirits; we had our best day yet! 

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  • Year 6 at Hooke Court Nov 2018 - Diary Entry Day 2

    Published 28/11/18

    SPAM and Stretchers - it's a soldier's life for us! 

    Here we are again, our day two round up of life here in sunny and warm Hooke Court…optimistic thinking, it’s poured all day and been very cold but we all took an oath to be positive and embrace our motto: there’s no such thing as bad weather, simply the wrong clothes! And embrace it we have!

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  • Year 6 at Hooke Court Nov 2018 - Diary Entry Day 1

    Published 27/11/18

    After a short journey without any hiccups along the way (well, only the small difficulty of turning down the wrong country lane and having to reverse the double-decker coach safely back to where we needed to be!), we arrived at Hooke Court, Dorset.

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  • St. Stephen's School Christmas Countdown

    Published 21/11/18

    It's finally in sight!

    Christmas is most definitely coming so please find below a list of exciting, festive dates and events to fill you with seasonal cheer! 

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  • Children In Need - Be Spotacular!!

    Published 14/11/18

    This Friday (16th November) is Children in Need!


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  • Year 5 sample life in Victorian times

    Published 13/11/18

    Year 5 had a fantastic trip at Gunnersbury Museum this week in which they experienced the rougher side of life for 19th Century working class children. 

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  • Billy Bear struts his stuff at Strictly!

    Published 06/11/18

    Our Ladybird class mascot Billy Bear got a real treat this weekend when one of our pupils took him to the Strictly Come Dancing studios for a visit. 

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  • Year 6 in the dock

    Published 05/11/18

    The first day back after the half-term holidays saw Toby from Year 6 in the dock at Lavender Hill Magistrates' Court in Clapham.

    Charged with the theft of a satellite-navigation system from a car, he sat impassively as the charges were read to him by the court clerk. Fortunately for Toby, the charges were part of a play script devised by the magistrates to show the children the type of work carried out by courts!

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