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FOSS Meetings are going Online!

We totally get how difficult it can be to get to FOSS meetings! Even with the best intentions, once the kids are in bed and you sit down on the sofa, it’s hard to get back up and out the door, even with the promise of a free glass of wine (you did know we have wine at our FOSS meetings didn’t you?!)

We really want to make our meetings accessible to as many parents and carers as possible. We know that more heads are better than a few and the more support we have for our fundraising activities, the more we can achieve for our children!  So for our next meeting, we’re trying something new! I’m going to overcome my video conferencing fears and set up the next FOSS meeting on line.

So on 12th November at 8.30pm, let’s get the kids to bed (fingers crossed), grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea, get comfy and join a FOSS meeting from our sofas or kitchen table or wherever you can – maybe even on the train home from work!

You should be able to join from your phones!

I have no idea whether this will work, but I’m up for trying it if it means more parents can join. We hope you’ll try it with us!

Please keep the date free and watch this space for more information.