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Action-attainment: Secondary school transition workshops

For parents and teachers of children in primary school with social communication needs
Action-attainment’s online workshop programme is for parents and teaching staff of children with hidden, neurodiverse, sensory and communication needs. It examines how we can use vital primary years to plan and prepare for secondary school. The remaining 2 out of a series of 6 workshops will take place from 8-9pm, online.

Workshop Five: 24 November
Workshop Six: 15 November

Meet the Parents - Discussing Decision Making and Experiences 25th November

Hear from parents who have been through secondary transition with their children
How parents decide on mainstream, private or specialist education for their child
Building working relationships with teachers in a secondary setting
Looking back - What we know now!
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Education Law & Secondary Transition 16th December

Education Health and Care Plans - Inside Stories Course leader: Adam Friel, Head of Education Law, Geldards

Education Health and Care Plans and Securing Pathways to Learning
Understanding legal process and support for learning from school through to university/college
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What Parents and Schools Say They Have Learned

From parents:

"I am going to use the information that was learnt today in my daughter's annual EHCP meeting."

"We will get in contact with the therapists for possible assessments, as well as consider having someone look at our son's EHCP, to make sure it's good - especially in terms of occupational therapy and speech and language provision."

From schools:

"I will take what I have learned into staff training with my school and apply to take SENCO training." "Action-attainment provides consistently high quality training."

If you are having any problems booking onto the eventbrite links, please contact Tom Silver on or 07517379158 for a joining instructions email or further information.

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Our mission, as staff, governers, parents and members of the wider school community, is to make this vision a reality, constantly building each other up in love and learning.