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Jeremy Strong Competition - DEADLINE EXTENSION

Children’s author Jeremy Strong – author of ‘There’s a Viking in my Bed’ and ‘The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog’ - will be visiting St Stephen’s on World Book Day and will be judging our competition!

All pupils in the school have the chance to take part with one winner from each year group!

To enter the competition pupils need to present a piece of writing.

  • Your piece of writing must include Jeremy Strong characters and settings.
  • You must have read the book that features in your writing.
  • It must be your own writing.
  • It must be handed in to your class teacher by Tuesday March 5th.

Jeremy will be looking for creativity and originality along with everything you know about how to write. Take a look at the examples below to give yourself some hints and tips...


“I am The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog, aka Streaker. I am most famous for being very fast, uncontrollable and for causing trouble.”

  • I could star in a story, a newspaper report or a set of instructions: How to train your unruly pet!


After falling overboard from his longboat, Sigurd the Viking finds himself in modern-day Flotby - a small English seaside town. Finding refuge in the aptly named Viking Hotel, Siggy's attempts to embrace modern ways end in disaster. His attempt at romance is no better off as even the course of true love doesn't run smoothly when Siggy's involved!

  • How about a diary entry written as if you were Siggy, telling the tale of when you were shipwrecked? Tell your reader how you felt . . .
  • Do you fancy writing a letter to the Viking and asking him to come and live with you and your family  in your house?


The Indoor Pirates is about a pirate called Captain Blackpatch who doesn't like water so he turns his house into a pirate ship. He lives there with his friends, Lumpy Lawson, Bald Ben and twins, Molly and Polly. One day they get an electricity bill which they can't pay so they need to find some treasure fast!

  • Years five and six might want to write a tension filled story using the Indoor Pirates as characters which are pursued by an evil villain.
  • Or could the Highwayman try to enlist the Indoor Pirates to help him save Bess from the Kings’ men?
  • Or perhaps a persuasive text: Why it is better to be an indoor pirate than a real one?

Best of luck!